The stars celebrate Carole Samaha on her birthday

The star celebrates Karol Smaha Today, July 25, is her birthday, amidst a group of songs she performed, and the honors she received during her artistic career.
A number of stars and celebrities of the country were keen to greet Carol on her birthday with a group of messages they wrote on their official Twitter pages.

Cyrine Abdel Nour

Actress Cyrine Abdel Nour congratulated Carole Samaha on her birthday, as she wished her to enjoy good health throughout her life.
And Cyrine wrote a tweet in which she said: “All life is health and joy – you are full of energy and joy.”

Najwa Karam

The artist, Najwa Karam, was keen to congratulate Carole on this occasion, and her tweet came to fully express the extent of her love and appreciation for Carole, as she said: “I wish you the 100 and success remains your ally and your goal.”

Carmen is dressed

In the footsteps of others, Carmen wished Carole all the best and happiness in her life, saying.

Lines in Carole Samaha’s artistic career

I started Karol Smaha Art at an early age drew attention to her and drew the attention of her teachers to her by presenting many school plays. Carole Samaha’s hobby continued until she turned it into an academic specialty, as she began her career as an actress in the dramatic theater in 1995, while studying acting and directing at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, where she graduated from the university in 1999.
As for the turning point in Carroll’s career, she was introduced to the musician Mansour RahbaniWhere she switched from drama to musical theater, and presented many plays until she separated from Al-Rahbana. And she confirmed in previous statements that she separated from them to achieve her ambitions because the plays were written for a man like Al-Mutanabbi and Socrates, and that she was a recent university graduate and was looking for an opportunity. The beginning of Carroll’s work with Al-Rahbana was in the year 1992 through the play “The Last Days of Socrates”.

Her songs and albums

In the year 2000, Carole Samaha presented the song “In the Morning of the Third Thousand”, which achieved great success, while she released her first album “Dream” in the year 2003, which achieved great success. The album included 12 poems by the late Palestinian poet “Mahmoud Darwish”. This included the release of a large number of singles, some of which were filmed as video clips.
While Carole recently released her new song “Copy of meWhich I filmed as a video clip, and the song achieved great success.
Carole Samaha also had a presence in singing series titers, as she presented the song for the series “Waad” and the series “Against Al-Kasr” in 2021.

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