Menna Shalaby sends a message to everyone who congratulated her on her birthday. This is what she said

The artist showed Minnah Shalabi She expressed her happiness with the messages she received on her birthday, which she celebrated yesterday, Monday, and extended special thanks to everyone who took the time and congratulated her.

And Menna wrote through her official account on “Twitter” a tweet, the content of which came as follows .. “Thank you to everyone who took a minute of their time to tell me every year, and I am good, and you are the sweetest and best, and my wishes for you are double what you wish for me.”
And she continued, “O God, in this year, write good for me and turn evil away from me..and whoever loves me with his love and more thanks, my dear heart from the inside.”

The latest works of Menna Shalaby

Menna Shalaby participated in the last Ramadan drama season, through the series “Change the atmosphereThe events of the series take place in a social, romantic and dramatic framework, where Menna Shalaby is exposed to many crises during the events.
Through it, Menna embodied the personality of “Sharifa”, the interior designer who is experiencing social crises due to her mother’s health conditions, and her life changes completely when she is forced to travel to her aunt in Lebanon to complete the procedures for selling the family house.
Sharifa falls into an unexpected dilemma, and her short trip to Beirut turns into an adventure with an unknown end and full of surprises that affect her and open her eyes to life choices different from what she is used to.
Change the atmosphereStarring Menna Shalaby, Iyad Nassar, Mervat Amin, Sherine, Ahmed Malik, Issam Omar and others, and the work was written by Mona El-Shimi and directed by Maryam Abu Auf.
Menna Shalaby also had an imprint in the films of the last Eid al-Adha season, through the movie “bogeymanin which she participated as a guest of honor.
And that is in the scene of Amir Karara reading a letter from his wife, as she reads the message that would turn his life around throughout the events of the movie.

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