Lapsus de Margallo on TV3, by placing Isabel Díaz Ayuso instead of Feijóo as the current leader of the PP

Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and Pablo Iglesias have intervened this Tuesday in els matins of tv3 to discuss the different governance scenarios that arise after the electoral results of this 23J. The future of the PP was a main topic of the gathering, given the doubt about Alberto Núñez Feijóowhich despite winning does not achieve an absolute majority together with Vox, and has been rejected by Canarian Coalition and GNP facing a hypothetical investiture.

Évole reflects on the collapse of the extreme right of Vox in 23J: "Maybe that was the Iberian exception"

Évole reflects on the collapse of the extreme right of Vox in 23J: “Maybe that was the Iberian exception”


The morning magazine of the Catalan autonomous community had the former Minister of Foreign Affairs by telephone to address, among other points, the question of popular leadership. And there, the politician and television talk show host incurred in a conspicuous error.

Asked by the presenter, Ariadna Oltra, if Feijóo “is the best candidate they can have”, and therefore if he considers that this trance will continue to pass, he answered: “The best at this time yes. This is like when one is going to get married. You don’t know in 20 years, but by the time you’re going to get married, and we got married very recently, the best is Ayuso”.

Quickly the also collaborator of Everything is a lie He corrected himself: “Ayuso, no, sorry. Feijóo! ”, She pointed out, among the laughs from the set. “This could be a tricky headline indeed.”, he added, aware of the error.

The turn of Feijóo’s speech after 23J

Meanwhile, and in a notable change of discourse, Feijóo assures that those who have won in the elections are “two State parties”, in reference to the Popular Party and the PSOE, despite having harshly attacked them throughout the electoral campaign, with the repeated mention of “sanchismo”.

All this, while trying to find support to put together an investiture. The politician assures that Union of the Navarro People (UPN) and Canary Islands Coalition (CC) “They are in the best disposition”, despite the fact that from the Canary Islands formation they do not want to support an investiture supported by the extreme right, and harbored optimism despite the rejection of the PNV: “I think that saying that you do not have support simply because you have spoken with some group, seems to me a hasty conclusion”.

PP and Vox have 169 seats in Congress. If the agreement is reached, the 176 seats necessary for an absolute majority would be far away. With the UPN vote, they reach 170 deputies, but the refusal of the PNV (five seats) and CC (one deputy), makes an alternative majority to the one headed by Pedro Sánchez unfeasible, which also has a complicated scenario as it needs Junts, Carles Puigdemont’s party.

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