In the video, Maya Diab releases her new song “Taqlan”

The Lebanese star, Maya Diab, released, through her channel on the famous video site “YouTube”, her latest video song, which was titled “Taklan”.

And the song’s lyrics Ayman Bahgat Qamarand composed byLed Saadand distribute Hadi ShararaThe clip is directed by Joe Bouaid.
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MyMayaV album

The song was filmed in Beirut, where the star appeared in 4 different looks while singing the lyrics of her song in the Egyptian dialect, which is the second song from the MyMayaV album in which she collaborates with Warner music.
A few days ago, Maya Diab revealed the titles of the songs of her new album, MyMayaV, which are as follows: “Kulun Qaluli,” “Quli,” “Come and Rejoice,” “Positive Energy,” and “Taqlan,” but she left the title of the last two songs without revealing them.

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