“I will continue to do friendly entertainment, if not, I stay at home”

the bridge of lies It is the last of the great bets for the summer that remained to TVE brand new will be this Wednesday July 26 the moment in which the catwalk of this new contest is extended, the first adaptation of the British Bridge of Lies of BBC, with which Paula Vazquez returns to the discipline of the public chain.

TVE sets a date for 'The Bridge of Lies', with Paula Vázquez, and completes its arsenal of premieres for the summer

TVE sets a date for ‘The Bridge of Lies’, with Paula Vázquez, and completes its arsenal of premieres for the summer


The Galician presenter had been away from the corporation since 2007. She then she introduced Eurovision mission, galas to choose the national representative for Eurovision. On his return, he admits to verTele that he sees the corporation “with more colors, more colorful” and therefore more open: “TVE has had to evolve like us.”

For her, the bet that the corporation has made this summer is being successful, with the recovery of brands such as the renewed Grand Prixwhich has started its new stage in an unbeatable way in audiences: “As marketing, the bet it is making seems like a bomb to me”, said Vázquez just two weeks ago, at the time of presenting this to the media. bridge of liesa new collaboration of his with boxfish after Celebrity Bake Off which is based on precisely the importance of “not falsifying” anything by those who participate.

“It is a very fun format in which all participants will be favored because in no case will we make them feel uncomfortable”, comments the communicator, who warns that politicians have also been invited to participate, and who comments with a certain resignation that “we have naturalized the fake news a bit”.

Faced with these dynamics, Vázquez is very clear that the bridge of lies it is the paradigm of the type of television it intends to make: “I still believe in true entertainment, that which was for the whole family and that was friendly. It is what I have always done and will continue to do. If not, I stay at home”.

If this interview were to be read by all of Spain, how would you sell ‘The Bridge of Lies’ so that nobody misses its premiere?

the bridge of lies It is the first format in which we will see real celebrities. They won’t have to fake anything. They are going to have to overcome a bridge full of truths and with some lies in which we are going to discover things like, for example, that they are specialists in something that we did not even imagine.

Let’s see them in essence. At first, everyone is nervous and content, but when they cross the bridge and see that they accumulate a lot of money, that creates a lot of tension. I have seen them do everything: throw their shoes, jump, sing, dance… It is a very fun format in which all the participants will benefit because in no case will we make them feel uncomfortable. The people at home are going to empathize with them and they are going to want to play.

Which profiles have opted for this format?

We have celebrities whom we have seen in other formats, and whom we look forward to with great affection, some from TVE who are starring in very successful series, and others who have never competed but have wanted to do it here because it is a family program, a program to bring generations together.

We drink from the BBC format Bridge of lies. That one is darker and more leisurely, but I think ours will be more dynamic, cheerful and with many colors, more Spanish.

It seems that we have naturalized the fake news a bit. Now we can go to the source, but before we had lentils: you swallowed them because it was what was said on TV

How does Paula Vázquez react to the lie?

Every time I detect it better and from further away. Honestly and in a very direct way if the person is worth it; if not, I write it down and stay away from it. There are lies and lies, some kind because there are truths that are cruel. The truth without empathy can be mistreatment. It depends on who comes because sometimes the end justifies the means.

Do you see the widespread lie? Also in politics?

It seems that we have naturalized a bit the fake news. Now we can go to the source, but before we had lentils: you swallowed them because it was what was said on TV. TV has always had power and credibility, but today we can go to the internet and see if the BOE says something or not. What is countable is not debatable. Elected politicians are invited to come here, and when they step on a lie we’ll say, “Oh, your campaign budget is cut in half!”

Is this going to be a summer format or will it continue after September?

Hopefully. I guess the audience will be the one to decide. I think that TVE is making a very intelligent bet because it is going with everything this summer. We wanted to join this wave with which formats such as Grand Prix. It’s really cool to see Ramón García again and that new people are given opportunities. As marketing, the bet he is making seems like the bomb to me. Hopefully we will be one of the chosen ones and stay. Of course, the BBC format is working great. they started with [concursantes] anonymous and have done very well; we, being summer, we wanted to start with celebrities And so we allocate the money to an NGO. Summer makes us more bearable if we see that somewhere something is distributed.

In summer it is more difficult to connect with the audience, do you perceive this as a challenge?

Before, people went to the beach and forgot about TV, but now, with the networks and the telephone, I get the feeling that word of mouth can make this a format that people seek to see ‘on demand’. The way of watching television has changed so much… Before, your program expired the moment you said ‘goodbye’; now it stays on the platforms, and that’s wonderful. I feel like Penélope Cruz because in the cinema, what you do stays.

TVE is the bomb because it is seen throughout Latin America and in many other places. It amazes me that TVE continues to be the flagship and a television monster. Since the promo started [del programa]I am quite overwhelmed with the repercussion that everything that is done in La 1 has.

After working for so many years in private channels, now you’re back in the public. What differences do you observe?

I could not tell. We have all evolved in this time and we are not who we were, nor are we who we are going to be. We have all changed and the viewer has changed. TVE has had to evolve like all of us. I see it with more colors, more colorful.

In what sense?

Before, I saw her bluer, and I’m not talking about politics. I think she is more alive now.

More open to all?

Probably yes.

TVE is making a very smart bet this summer

You’re coming to ‘The Bridge of Lies’ with the ‘Celebrity Bake Off’ producer. What happened to the second season of the show? At first there was interest and then it stopped?

Decisions on this type of platform are international. What has come to us is that what was expected of that format was achieved. The TVs are looking for an audience, but the platforms are looking for subscriptions. I believe that what was expected was achieved and, at that time, [la decisión de no continuar el programa] It responded more to economic interests because subscriptions were needed to come from other types of people. the ultimate package [Celebrity Bake Off] it was very well made. I loved the post-production. I had a better time watching the show than doing it. There were hilarious moments between Esty La Pringada and Esperanza Aguirre that I will keep for a lifetime.

A television animal like you, with so much experience, how do you experience the resurgence of so many formats such as ‘Grand Prix’, ‘Password’, ‘Allá tú’…?

TV, like life, are cycles. In recent years we have lived a type of TV that had to do with improvisation, spontaneity and also with ‘anything goes’. It has been liked and it has been very attractive to show the entrails of TV. Perhaps I am from a generation in which all that was making television with misspellings, and now I like a well-made television with a solid team and in which we all have a leading role so that the program shines and that elf on television that made magical things happen reappears.

I still believe in real entertainment, one that was for the whole family and that was friendly. It is what I have always done and will continue to do; If not, I stay at home.

Another program that played a lot with lies, through its famous polygraph, is ‘Save me’. Have you followed its ending?

I haven’t been paying attention to anything. If I had something to say, it’s that I know a large part of the technical team because I’ve worked with all the channels, including Telecinco, and if it hurts me in any case, it’s because the technical team is out on the streets. But I’m sure they’re going to relocate them… life goes on. They have done a good job so far.

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