Haifa Wehbe publishes the scenes of her new song, “Ma Baafeesh”

The Lebanese star published Haifa Wehbe On her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, a special video shows the scenes of filming her new song, “Ma Ba’fa’esh”.
The star appeared while practicing the dance steps in the song, as well as while putting the finishing touches on the distinctive makeup that she appeared with, in addition to the dresses she chose for her looks.
The singer’s song achieved great success two weeks after its release, as it has so far garnered about 6 million views on its YouTube channel.

The song “Ma Ba’feesh”

And she was Haifa Wehbe She released her new song, “Ma Ba’fafesh” on her official YouTube channel, in a “video clip” directed by Elie Fahd. The song is written by Amr Al-Masry, composed by Samer Abu Talib, and arranged by Suleiman Damian.

Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughter dances to the tune of her song

In a separate context, published Zainab Fayyad The daughter of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, a video clip of her daughter dancing to the tune of Haifa Wehbe’s new song.
Zainab Fayyad likened her daughter and her mother to a bee and honey, and said in her comment on the video: “The bee and the honey personally…your beauty and your digestion bury me, O heart and soul of Mama you are.”
A large number of Zainab’s fans and followers interacted with the video, and expressed their admiration for her daughter’s interaction with her grandmother Haifa Wehbe’s song, and among the interactors was the Syrian artist. Jenny Esber She said in her comment: “Honey.”

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