Gigi Hadid admires Zayn Malik’s image .. Will love return to its course ?!

International star Zayn Malik published a new photo of him on his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, and he plays the private piano, during which he shows his new tattoo, in addition to all the tattoos on his back.
It is noteworthy that the photo received great attention from the fans of the star, but not because of its beauty, but because the photo was admired by his ex-girlfriend, the American model of Palestinian origin. Gigi Hadid that you liked.
Many social media pioneers speculated about the reason that prompted the mother of his daughter to express her admiration for the picture. Is there hope for them to return together, or does this reflect the friendship that unites them in order to share the upbringing of their daughter together?

Zayn Malik releases a new song

And in a separate context put up the world star Zayn Malik A new song, “Love Like This”, will be released on Friday, July 21, 2023 on his YouTube channel.
The song gained more than a million views just hours after it was released on the platform.
And the song “Love Like This”, directed by Ivana Boren and Frank Boren, was filmed in New York, and it is his first single for “Mercury Records”, and it is his first after an absence of two years, that is, since his third album in 2021, titled “Nobody Is Listening”.
The song’s video clip embodies a romantic love story that ends with a scene in which Zain leaves, expressing his inability to continue the relationship.

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