10 issues to be discussed during the courtship period

Engagement is an important and special period in the life of any couple about to get married. It is a period of preparation and deep acquaintance between them before they complete God’s law and unite in the journey of life together as partners. The courtship period is an opportunity to explore a group of important issues and topics that greatly affect the success of married life in the future.
This period aims to provide the opportunity for the duo to exchange ideas, values, and expectations on a number of life and emotional issues that must be discussed openly and honestly. Honest and open discussions during the courtship period help build a strong foundation for the future marital relationship and avoid some problems and conflicts that may arise in the future.
At the end of the courtship period, the couple will have come to a deeper understanding of each other and what they expect from each other in the future. In this way, they will be fully prepared to proceed with the marriage stage in a more aware and ready manner to face challenges and build on family happiness and stability.
Dr. Medhat Abdel-Hadi, an expert in marital relations, says to my lady: Engagement is an important and vital period in the life of every couple, as they are about to enter into a marital bond that lasts for a lifetime. At this stage, they get to know each other more deeply and more clearly and determine the directions of the future relationship. In order to ensure the success and happiness of this trip, the couple has to discuss many important issues during the engagement period.

Issues to be discussed during the courtship period:

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-values ​​and principles:

It is important for the two to have a dialogue about the values ​​and principles that each of them believes in. These values ​​may include religious, moral and social matters, and determining the extent of compatibility between them in these points paves the way for greater compatibility in the future.

Goals and ambitions:

The couple should discuss their future goals and their personal and professional ambitions. Do they pursue common goals or do they have different goals? How will they work together to support each other in achieving those goals?

Understanding about family and children:

The aspirations of both spouses for family life and whether there is a desire to have children should be discussed. Do they have a common vision about education and the method that will be followed to raise children?

Money and budget:

You should discuss money and budget issues, including sharing expenses and joint financial obligations, and decide how to manage money in general.

Agreements and Compatibility:

The couple should talk about mutual agreements and compromises that they may need to establish, such as domestic roles and work-life balance.

Solving problems and dealing with difficulties:

The couple should have a frank discussion about how they will deal with the different problems and challenges that they may face in the future, and how they will support each other during these difficult times.
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Communication and understanding:

Good communication and understanding are essential to any successful relationship, and they should discuss how to develop these skills and improve the quality of communication between them.

Independence and integration:

Examining the balance between personal independence and complementarity in the relationship.

Faith and religion:

Discuss faith and religion and ensure understanding about religious values.

Planning for the future and thinking about married life:

Talk about seeing the future and long-term plans. Discuss hopes and expectations about married life and what it can offer each other.
Remember that the courtship period is an opportunity to exchange ideas and feelings openly and respectfully, and to build a strong foundation for the relationship before getting engaged. Some differences may arise, but through honest and effective communication, you can both overcome challenges and achieve a happy and productive relationship.
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