Kiko Hernández surprises in ‘Save me’ with “advice” to Ana Rosa for her jump into the afternoon

As we have been collecting in recent days, Save me He is taking it with humor and retracts its cancellation and imminent end, which will take place next June. Since it became known that the program will disappear in a few weeks, with a view to Ana Rosa Quintana occupy the afternoons starting in September, its presenter and collaborators have dedicated the broadcasts to joking about their professional future off the screens.

'Save me' transfers its set with Jorge Javier's political dart: "I'm not very good at right"

‘Save me’ transfers its set with Jorge Javier’s political dart: “The right wing is not very good at me”


This Tuesday, in addition, there has been a kind of recommendation to the one who will be the next occupant of Telecinco’s after-dinner and afternoon. One that has come from the mouth of Kiko Hernandez.

The talk show host, a member of the magazine since its inception, has made a direct allusion to the still presenter of the mornings during the segment dedicated to covering the relationship between Gines Correguela with Yaizauncovered by Survivors 2023, and how it is affecting your family. She did it with the presence of the two sisters of the self-proclaimed “king of sandwiches”, Luisa Maria and Tony.

“If I were Ana Rosa, I would hire them as collaborators”

The two have starred in an extensive interview in which they made ugly the behavior of the robinson, as well as that of his partner, whom they say they do not accept in the family. During their intervention, they even ended up staging a meeting with Ginés (with Jorge Javier emulating him, using a mask) in the “bridge of emotions, one of the tests that give the most play in the survival reality show. This, added to the naturalness with which they have spoken, has made the collaborators praise them, although none has reached the point of Hernández.

I love these ladies”, He pointed out to the presenter, who agreed. Belén Esteban also joined this opinion. Now, whoever was a contestant on big brother 3 surprised with the following statement: “If I were Ana Rosa, I would hire them as collaborators. Clear! I am very good, ”he said, without the cameras focusing on him.

Curiously, silence has fallen after this statement, without anyone commenting on anything. On the contrary, Jorge Javier has given the floor to Pipi Estrada, before shelving the gathering about Ginés and going on to address a new “caught” to Rafa Mora.

Jorge Javier and the turn of Telecinco: “The right is not very good at me”

The truth is that so far Nobody from the program had come to refer to Quintana explicitly in these first two days. Of course, Jorge Javier had left a comment just a couple of hours before that invited us to think about the change of chairs in the afternoon, as well as the ideological turn of Mediaset, implicit in this decision to cancel Save me. While he was playing to hang a local transfer sign over the door of the set, and seeing himself in trouble to fit it where he should, he said. “Do you know what happens? Which is that I have to fit it in from the right… and the right isn’t very good for me”.

By your side, Quintana He already warned this Monday that he will remain in charge of the political debate first thing in the morning as usual, “at least until the elections.” The new format does not yet have a title or detailed details, apart from the fact that it will be produced by Unicorn Content, a company owned by Mediaset and led by the journalist herself together with Xelo Montesinos.

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