Trump: ‘Rumours of my arrest on Tuesday, let’s take back the country’ – World

“Let’s demonstrate and take back the country.” Donald Trump he urges his people to take to the streets and protest against his arrest, expected – he says – for Tuesday in New York. An invitation that brings to mind the nightmare of the attack on Congress on January 6 and raises fears of clashes, as well as threatening a further split in the country and jeopardizing the 2024 electoral campaign.

With a possible indictment coming soon, the Manhattan attorney’s office has already requested a meeting with law enforcement to outline the logistics of what is predicted to be a historic day, with the first indictment of a former president American. Specifying that at the moment no official notification of formal charges has arrived and that Trump’s statements are based on media rumors, the tycoon’s lawyers let it be known that the former president will hand himself over without complications to the authorities if indicted for paying the porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump is expected to be fingerprinted but, according to some sources, it is not clear whether he will be handcuffed or not.

The Secret Service is responsible for these details. On his social Truth, Trump’s fury is targeting the New York prosecutor’s office, accused of being “corrupt, politically motivated” and “financed by George Soros”, one of the former president’s sworn enemies. Hence the invitation to his people to demonstrate to “take back our country” and “save America”. Trump’s possible indictment next week falls on the 2024 election campaign: the tycoon has already clearly stated that his race for the White House will continue even in the face of formal accusations against him. For Republicans, it risks being a nightmare scenario. Conservatives are already split over the former president and a campaign by him in these circumstances could create irresolvable divisions in the party, calling it to choose between Trump and his challengers, above all Ron DeSantis. The pressure is particularly high on the governor of Florida, a former ally of Trump. In fact, DeSantis has the task of signing a possible extradition of Trump from Florida, in a decision with broad political implications and destined to affect his possible candidacy for the White House.


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