Tech Brigade: Luján Argüelles arrived at La 1 with ‘Tech Brigade’ and Mónica Naranjo, who met her avatar: “She is very bland”

Lujan Arguelles returned this Friday to the small screen with Tech Brigadethe new program the 1 aimed at reducing the digital gap that still exists in Spanish society. In addition to simply explaining what is not always easy, the Asturian presenter and her collaborators welcomed Monica Naranjofirst guest star of the new format.

Telecinco is already promoting 'Got Talent: All Stars' with Santi Millán and the great stars of the program

Telecinco is already promoting ‘Got Talent: All Stars’ with Santi Millán and the great stars of the program


The singer explained her relationship with technology and tried on some glasses that transported her directly to the metaverse. An alternate reality, embellished with digital elements, had been created for her, into which she was fully immersed.

“It is a curious sensation because it puts you in a reality that is very cool and very funny”reacted the presenter of the Benidorm Fest 2023.

That being said, Naranjo met his avatar. It could be said that it was made to measure, but the Sobreviviré interpreter did not feel very identified with the digital version of her: “Let’s see, she is very bland”, he blurted out as soon as he saw her appear. “It’s a turkey, it has no blood and I am a savage”she insisted, disappointed with that puppet who, indeed, lacked the spirit of the artist.

Tech Brigade did not have much ‘coverage’ among the audience. The program only connected with 372,000 viewers (2.8% share) in the prime time of La 1remaining at the bottom of the ranking behind all the generalist channels, including the 2.

However, it must be stressed that this programme, financed by the European Union, is part of the National Digital Competence PlanTherefore, its characteristics prevent it from competing directly with the large formats of commercial television.

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