Kiko Matamoros apologized to an editor of ‘Save me’ after insulting him live

Kiko Matamoros attacked this Friday against the editor of Save me who had made a video about the alleged infidelity of the tertullian’s girlfriend, Marta Lopez Alamo.

Kiko Matamoros hints at possible measures against 'Save me' for the "coven" against your partner

Kiko Matamoros hints at possible measures against ‘Save me’ for the “coven” against his partner


In that video a statement was made that particularly bothered him: “Kiko Matamoros’ passage through the deer room intensifies even more. Apparently, the contempt of his girlfriend Marta would have gone further ”the announcer is heard saying, against whom Matamoros unleashed all his rage.

“Through the room of the deer will have passed the fucking mother of the one who wrote that text”exclaimed the collaborator of Save me when the report ended. His companions asked him to restrain himself, but he, far from paying attention to them, insisted on the insult: “I repeat: the fucking deer must have passed through the room, yes, the fucking mother, whoever wrote that text.”

The tertullian said to be “Fed up with speculation, hoaxes and bullshit”. “Whoever has proof that provides it and then demonstrates in court that this proof is true,” he added. What’s more, he even warned the program management to take legal action if the “coven” against his partner continued.

The editor in question Narcis Naudí, reacted on Twitter: “Kiko Matamoros has been portrayed with his words and his ‘education’. Nothing more to say (…) What hurts me is not that she messes with me (it’s not the first time). What really hurts me is that you mentioned my mother in such a dirty way. I don’t go through there, ”she wrote.

Through Twitter he received countless signs of support, including that of German Gonzalezanother editor of Save me who was also in the Matamoros target for a video that he did not like.

Reconciliation: “I ask you for forgiveness again and I give you a hug”

Minutes later, the presenters of the program let him know that the announcer of the video was upset with him, so he intoned the mea culpa after making a nuance: his insult was not directed at the person who had voiced the video, but at the person who had written the text.

“See if he knew what he was saying, that I did not mention ‘the editor’, the man who made that video, but rather ‘the one who wrote this’. I apologize to him, to his mother if she is lucky enough to have her, and to all his people.”expressed the tertullian.

Then the aforementioned arrived, who burst onto the set to stage peace. “I understand that what we write, sometimes, is not to everyone’s liking. She can tell me what she wants and I can understand it, but leave my mother alone because she is not to blame for anything, ”he argued in his defense.

Matamoros did not take away an iota of reason and again showed his regret: “I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to apologize again. You know that it is an insult that is not really directed at the parent but at the individual you want to disrespect. I apologize again and give you a hug”he told him to consider this matter closed.

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