Exclusion will not build a state..and the army seeks consensus

The head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed on Saturday that the armed forces are not planning a coup against what they agreed upon.

A statement by the Sovereignty Council quoted Al-Burhan as saying that the army is seeking to “consensus” the Sudanese and their union to get the country out of its current situation.

“Exclusion will not build a country”

The head of the Sovereignty Council added that “exclusion will not build a state,” calling on all parties to stop advancing the political process in isolation from the rest of the forces.

Al-Burhan, a month ago, called on all politicians to preoccupy themselves with arranging their ranks, asking them not to talk about army affairs.

“We will not allow it to happen again.”

He expressed his hope that the framework agreement would bring together the Sudanese, describing the tribal conflict in Blue Nile state as a passing cloud, “and we will not allow it to be repeated.”

Al-Burhan had said, after signing the framework agreement, that the armed forces would not agree, at the final agreement stage of the ongoing political process, to any provisions that could undermine the country’s constants.

“without exclusion”

He added that the political framework agreement “is in the interest of all Sudanese without excluding anyone,” warning: “No party should try to hijack it for its own benefit or seek to hijack power again.”

Signing the framework agreement

It is noteworthy that, on December 5, 2022, the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, witnessed the signing of the “framework agreement” between the military component of the country’s ruling Sovereignty Council, the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change, the Central Council and allied groups, to end the political crisis in Sudan and return it to civilian rule, in the presence of major international and regional parties that contributed to reaching this agreement.

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