Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s wish on her birthday: The resurrection is performed “video”

Actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz celebrated her birthday, which falls today, Monday, through a comic video, in which she expressed her wish for the New Year.

And Yasmine Abdel Aziz published, through her personal account on the Instagram site, the video in which one of her friends asked her about her ambitions in the new year, to answer, saying: “My wish is that the resurrection will take place.”

She commented on the video, saying: “My wish for the New Year,” and the star, Aiten Amer, interacted with her by confirming that she wanted the same wish.

The artist, Ahmed Al-Awadi, was keen to congratulate his wife, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, on her birthday, and published several pictures that brought them together through his Facebook account, and commented on it by saying: “Every year, you are good, my love. The whole life is in success, health and always happy.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz “Mahra” from Shubra

Yasmine Abdel Aziz continues filming her series “Darb Nar”, which is scheduled to be shown in the Egyptian series for the Ramadan 2023 season, and embodies the character of Mahra Abu Al-Layl, a girl from Shubra, and her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi co-stars with her, in the third dramatic cooperation between them, after they presented together my series: “For the Last Breath”. And “Who is not great,” and the work was written by Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Mostafa Fekry, and produced by Synergy.

And co-starring Suhair Al-Morshedy, Majid Al-Masry, Hoda Al-Etribi, Iman Al-Sayed, and Badria Tolba.

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