The French choose their 50 best personalities in 2022, and Kylan Mbappe is ranked fourth

As a whole year, in France, the process of selecting the 50 favorite personalities of the French took place through a questionnaire carried out by the “French Institute of Public Opinion” known as “IFOP”, which specializes in opinion polls, and has been established since 1938. What is remarkable about the list of personalities The favorite for the year 2022, which was revealed last Saturday – that is, on the last day of the past year – that the number of women in it is small, and it is only 15 women out of the fifty personalities – according to what was reported by the famous Parisian weekly newspaper: “The Sunday Newspaper” (Gonal de Journal Du Dimanche – This is the newspaper for which the Institute conducts the survey every year, and about which all other French media outlets report.

The first are all men

And the first three places for the favorite personalities of the French for the year 2022 – according to this annual survey – were for men, and the first woman in the list was ranked 20, and this raised surprise and questioning! It is also strange that no woman has ever come first since the beginning of this tradition by completing the annual questionnaire, that is, 35 years ago.


And the first person on the winning list for the year 2022 is the artist “Jean-Jacques Goldman” (71 years old), who is a popular lyricist, composer and singer, and he is known for his contribution to charitable and humanitarian work, although he withdrew from the world of lights and singing since 2004 and no longer wants to appear. However, his popularity remained high throughout all these years, and he was famous for his melodious romantic songs, and he previously composed songs for Celine Dion and others. He lives in the city of “Marseille” in southern France with his second wife (who is of Vietnamese origin) and his three daughters.


As for the second place, it went to astronaut Thomas Pesquet (44 years). The French admire his space travels and see in him the image of an adventurous world in a noble sense. They also see in him – according to the same source – the image of an advanced France that is heading towards the future, away from the feelings of nostalgia that influenced the choice of First place winner.


And the third place was won by the famous comedian Omar Sy (44 years), who is of Senegalese origin, his mother is Mauritanian, and his father is a Senegalese immigrant, and although he has lived for years in “Los Angeles” and works in the United States of America, the audience questioned in the questionnaire chose him, and he ranked in Third place.

French football players

And as expected, a number of players of the French national football team, which appeared in the World Cup in Qatar, occupied distinguished ranks among the fifty favorite personalities of the French, and the top scorer, “Killian Mbappe”, ranked fourth, while his fellow player and Olivier Giroud ranked ninth. Didier Deschamps, coach of the national team, ranked 23. It is also remarkable that the famous player and well-known coach Zinedine Zidane was not absent from the list and came in fifteenth place.

Actresses and singers

And the women on the list, who are 15, are often actresses or singers, and the first among them was the comedian Florence Foresti, who is of Italian origin, and came in 20th place, and in the 28th place comes the star actress Sophie Marceau, followed by Mimi Matthey (29). and singer Mylene Farmer (30). It is remarkable that the star Brigitte Bardot, who is eighty-eight years old today, still has a place in the hearts of the French, and she was ranked at the end of the list (49), and perhaps her desperate defense of animals kept her in memory. The questionnaire showed that the French have great nostalgia for the past, as the star actor “Alain Delon”, who is today at the age of eighty-seven years old, won the list of fifty, as well as the singer Françoise Hardy (87 years) and also the actor Gira Redu Berdieux (74 years).

Explanations and comments

And French commentators believe – according to the same source – to explain the small number of women in the list of favorite personalities among the French, that the result of the questionnaire shows that the women respondents preferred in most cases to give their votes to men, and another argument explains the result of the questionnaire, which is that the appearance of female personalities in the media Less than the appearance of male characters.

Politicians are in retreat

This 35th edition of the annual survey revealed the decline of politicians: President Emmanuel Macron ranked 35th, while Marine Le Pen, leader of the opposition, ranked 48th.

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