Las Campanadas de Antena 3 culminates its historic surprise to TVE with Ibai scratching audiences to traditional television


Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote set a new historical record with a 39% audience share, although they lose audience

Cristina Pedroche Alberto Chicote Chimes
Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote, presenters of the Antena 3 Chimes.ANTENNA 3
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The Cristina Pedroche / Alberto Chicote tandem, which has already become a classic for New Year’s Eve nights, has culminated the historic surprise that dynamited in 2021 the undisputed leadership of La1. Antena 3 repeats number one with a new historical record and increases the difference with TVE by three points.

According to the data released this Monday by the audiovisual consultancy Windward Communication6,666 million viewers on average connected with the chimes from Pedroche Y chicotewith a historic 39% share of the screen. antenna 3 loses 868,000 viewers compared to last year, but scratches a little more than one point of Compartir.

For his part, La1 it also loses its average audience and remains at 4.469 million viewers, with 2.2 points less than in 2021. The RTVE channel has made shocking decisions this year that have rebelled an audience in search of its annual ration of tradition, and that seems to have taken its toll on a public entity in free fall.

After losing its historical leadership in 2021, this year TVE bet for its chimes for combining a familiar face with a surprising premiere. In mid-December, she announced that Anne Igartiburu would stop leading the New Year’s Eve program after 17 years. Instead, The Morancos will accompany Ana Obregonwho last year was unable to attend his appointment with the Puerta del Sol after testing positive for Covid.

The decision responded to the entity’s discomfort with Igartiburu after the presenter’s appearances on other channels, such as antenna 3 either telemadrid. With the first he has participated in the latest edition of mask singer and there is talk of the possibility that she is one of the new applicants for Your face is familiar to me. And on Telemadrid, Igartiburo has presented the program 10 moments.

The Sandoval brothers, curious substitutes for the Basque, arrived in search of an Andalusian audience that would alleviate the downward spiral of TVE. The decision does not appear to have had the desired effect, given the data. south channel remains as the seventh option for the night of end of yearthe second most watched regional channel after tv3although it loses a point and a half of quota.

Ibai and the new audiovisual consumption

2017 was the last year that Anne Igartiburu Y Ramon Garcia presented the chimes together. Last year the big bombing came from the hand of the streamer Ibai Plainswhat file to Ramonchu for retransmission from Puerta del Sol. On this occasion, the channel of twitch de Llanos culminated Igartiburu’s revenge after staying out of TVE: the most traditional couple returned to eat the grapes together.

Although the comparison is very difficult because the measurements of traditional consumption of television and of streaming They are measured by very different standards, if a certain transfer of viewers from one medium to another is palpable.

The New Years Eve from Ibai has averaged 179,082 devices during its broadcast this year, which translates into a loss of almost half compared to 2021. The maximum peak this year brought together 448,387 devices, slightly more than half that of last year, when it totaled 801,074 connections.

However, the drop in the number of devices does not have to be understood as an equivalent loss of audience. The whole family can gather behind a device, a milestone in the type of audiovisual consumption that brings new narratives closer to traditional television.

In fact, the chains bleed more and more viewers every year. According to the Barlovento data, as a whole the chimes on television they have lost almost two and a half million viewers and remain at an average of 16.2 million, although this year they add up to a little less than one share point, with 94.7%.

Telecinco sinks: new surprise of TV3

The chimes 2022 have meant the definitive fall of Telecinco, which has sunk with its tandem Risto Mejide / Maril Montero. The Mediaset channel has lost 372,000 viewers and has fallen below one million on average, with a record low of 799,000 viewers and a loss of 1.2 points in its share of the screen.

Yes last year Telecinco managed to recover the third position in the year-end ranking, these chimes have meant a new regional surprise: tv3 gain 1.3 points of Compartir and brings together an average of 2.6 million viewers. 15.1% of viewers chose the Catalan autonomic to drink the grapes.

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