The Cultural Fund participates in the Red Sea International Film Festival.. in support of the cultural sector

The Saudi Cultural Fund participates in the Red Sea Film Festival as an official partner of the festival. The festival, organized by the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, is held in Jeddah and will last from December 1-10, 2022. It is a destination for film lovers, filmmakers, pioneers and celebrities from all over the world. .

A huge cinematic forum

The Bride of the Red Sea will host for 10 days the activities of the second edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival, which is held under the slogan “Cinema is Everything”. Arab and the world, who enriched the cinema sector with immortal artistic works and roles that find follow-up and interest over many years by movie followers and pioneers around the world.

Introducing the role of the fund

The Cultural Fund attends this event with the aim of introducing festival goers to its role in launching initiatives and providing financial and non-financial services through which it aims to strengthen its position as a major enabler of the cultural sector in Saudi Arabia, and the main financier of the film sector, to achieve its sustainability as one of the most vital cultural sectors.
It also contributes to supporting state resources and increasing the level of local content, as the festival is an opportunity to discover investment opportunities available in the film sector and fields related to the cultural sector in Saudi Arabia.
In her turn, Ms. Naglaa Al-Numeir, CEO of Strategy and Business Development at the Cultural Fund, referred to the Fund’s role in enhancing the sustainability of the cultural sector in Saudi Arabia. This prompts the fund to invest its participation in the festival to build strong relationships and partnerships with pioneers of culture and enablers of the sector to implement a number of programs and initiatives that are designed to help creators, including the film sector financing program, for which the fund has allocated a budget of about 879 million riyals, and it is considered the most important key element in the strategy Fund for the development of the film industry in the Kingdom. We are proud to support creators who share their passions, stories and creative works with film and cinema pioneers around the world and deliver inspiring narratives.

private suite

The Cultural Fund participated in a special pavilion in the Red Sea Market accompanying the festival, which witnessed a number of discussions and direct dialogues with visitors, in which light was highlighted on the Fund’s role in empowering the Saudi film sector, in addition to the available products and programs that workers in the sector can benefit from in their projects, work and ideas. investment.
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Big chance

The Red Sea International Film Festival is a great opportunity for individuals and private companies operating in the Saudi film sector, as well as local and international private and non-profit sector companies, to meet with pioneers of the film industry and communicate with them about launching joint projects that support the film sector and increase its effectiveness as a rapidly growing sector, and contribute to the development of the cultural sector and the promotion of Its position within the non-oil economic system that supports the Saudi economy to be one of the largest, most diversified and growing economies in the world.

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