Susanna Griso and ‘Espejo Público’ support Pablo Motos and criticize the Equality campaign

The Ministry of Equality launched this Tuesday, November 22, a new campaign to call attention to the sexist violence that drips daily in different public spaces, which has had a long way to “remember” the streamer ElXokas, a Paul Motorcyclesto Betis, or to the students of Elías Ahuja, as he explained

Pablo Motos, about the Equality campaign: "They have made me an announcement, the Ministry is lying"

Pablo Motos, about the Equality campaign: “They have made an announcement to me, the Ministry is lying”

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Two days later, this Thursday the 24th and taking advantage of his News Desk, the presenter of the anthill He has responded to that campaign, obviously taking the hint by representing the same question that he asked Elsa Pataky. As we have collected, the presenter said that “spending more than a million euros of Spanish money, with the country as it is, it is indecent”, referring to a figure that is actually what the entire campaign has cost, not just that specific ad. And he added that “The Ministry of Equality is lying”before going over similar questions that men had been asked on the show.

At that very moment he was already supported and defended by his fellow socialists Nuria Roca, Tamara Falcó, Cristina Pardo and Juan del Val. And a few hours later, on the morning of this Friday the 25th, they have been Susanna Griso and Public mirror those who have come out in defense of their chain partner, criticizing the campaign of the Ministry of Equality, as stated abc.

the morning of antenna 3 has opened its last installment this week talking about the controversy opened by that advertisement. And her presenter has referred directly to the involvement of her partner: “I understand Pablo Motos’ outrage because that question was about an underwear campaign. That that fragment is taken to spend that million euros on a campaign, taking into account the data that we handle on machismo and sexual assaults, really calls my attention a lot”.

Susanna Griso has then given the floor to her gatherings, who have aligned themselves with the same opinion with contributions such as “Pablo Motos’ explanation is that it is taken out of context, and I find it unfortunate that an organization of all as a ministry does these things ”, emphasizing that “if journalists have to be careful not to make statements, see if an official body such as the Ministry of Equality does it”. They have also added: “I am a fan of the anthilland interviews lots of women permanently. Anyone who follows TV and sees him, denies it for himself “defending the work of Pablo Motos.

To conclude, the presenter has resumed her turn to speak to criticize Minister Irene Montero, mixing the issue with another topical one, and asking her a question: “Is this the greatest concern that Irene Montero has now, when we are counting on the today that three other rapists are on the street, including a father who abused his daughter?

Let us remember that the Equality campaign for 25N draws attention to the sexist violence that drips daily in different public spaces, launching a message: “One in two women has suffered some type of sexist violence throughout her life. If you and I have not been, then who? With him, Equality seeks to break “the gentlemen’s agreement” that “it always needs the complicity of the group for the perpetuation of privileges”as collected

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