“People need to feel alive with this series”

The one that is coming He has started his new journey. Amazon Prime Video The first four episodes of the thirteenth season of the fiction have already premiered. Telecinco The first episode of the batch was broadcast last Monday, the only one that will be seen openly, for the moment, since the platform has exclusivity over the comedy created by Laura and Alberto Caballero.

'La que se avecina' loses color in its move to the center, weighed down by the duration of its episodes

CRITICISM | ‘La que se avecina’ loses color in its move to the center, weighed down by the duration of its episodes

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The facelift that the production has undergone, which moves to a new building, has even been celebrated by the actors themselves: “The change going to help revitalize the seriesthough The one that is coming does not stop having its essence and its DNA”, declares loles leon in words to watch TV.

The actress, who gives life to Menchu in fiction, ensures that they come “great surprises” in his plots with Miren Ibarguren (Yoli): “They are going to freak out a lot with the new characters and the new plots”, he promises.

Loles León analyzes the success of ‘ANHQV’ and ‘LQSA’

Loles León has also explained why she believes that There is no one living here Y LQSA they continue to be successful so many years later, even with their reruns: “People put it on a loop because they need that humor, the message it gives and she needs to feel alive with the series”.

And although actors like Fernando Tejero have recalled the previous stage of the series with their return to the ‘centre of Madrid’, the actress prefers to “speak from here and now”: “No memory comes to mind”assures.

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