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Disciplining people by imposing fines on violators is a good thing, and an effective way to modify human behavior, and this system is applied almost all over the world.

Take, for example; Fines for traffic violations, or fines for wasteful use of water, or fines for throwing waste in the wrong place, all of these laws accompanied by penalties contributed to raising people’s awareness and reducing their violations.

A few days ago, I wrote a post saying:

The fines system reduces violations.

And paying money disciplines souls..!

I ask community members to put fees on different types of people, namely:

1 – Time thieves

2 – Shattered dreams and ambitions

3 – Disseminators of negativity and sources of complaints and complaints

4 – bearers of bad news

Besieging these categories will contribute to purifying the atmosphere, expanding the area of ​​happiness, and enlarging the circle of optimism and positivity. I have experienced this myself when I designed a piggy bank in which each of these items puts an amount of money if it performs any of the previous actions mentioned above, and I found a significant change in the behavior of Those around me after setting the fines, and when I posted the idea on my accounts on the communication sites, I found so much interaction that an Arab woman from Australia sent me her deep thanks, and a picture of the piggy bank that she created for her children and said: “Thank you, Ahmed; It changed our lives despite the distance between Saudi Arabia and Australia.”

In the end I say:

people; Setting fines is not intended to take money, rather it is a good system for modifying behavior and putting our behavior and actions on the accountability table, so that we know whether our actions belong to the wrong category or the right category..!?

Finally; A person does not change unless he starts thinking, and he cannot start thinking unless he is alerted and forced to do so, and financial fines are the best warning..!

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