The ‘Mediafest’ suffers a loss for which it already has a substitute and announces its next musical performances

The Mediafest Night Fever loses one of its contestants just after announcing a reformulation of the format for its third installment, which will be broadcast this Friday with the aim of trying to raise its audiences.

The 'Mediafest' returns to its origins and dispenses with the different disciplines

The ‘Mediafest’ returns to its origins and dispenses with the different disciplines

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The person in charge of breaking the news was Maite Ametlla, a member of the management team of Save me, which gave way to Irma Soriano live so that she could explain for herself her absence in the mediafest.

“I’m regular, because as the K-Narias song says, ‘don’t dress because you’re not going’. I have been getting rid of catching the Covid, but yesterday I tested positive and it caught me here in Jaén with my mother,” explained the journalist, who added that she felt “very angry and very sorry” for not being able to attend this Friday.

By your side, Kiko Hernandez He did not miss the opportunity to throw a small taunt at the Andalusian in relation to the first performance of this: “I really wish you a speedy recovery, but for how you did it the first night, We won’t miss you much either.”. After Soriano and Kiko Hernández got involved in a brief dispute over the role of the Andalusian in the talent show, Ametlla announced her replacement, Victor Sandoval.

“I’m the one from Covid”, the man from Madrid began by saying that the last time he acted it was because María Patiño also got Covid. The live connection was used to bring up the issue of Belén Rodríguez, in the face of which Sandoval claimed not to have spoken to her.

The performances of the third installment of ‘Mediafest Night Fever’

In addition, the complete list of the musical performances of the mediafest which will take place this Friday. Before making known the replacement of Víctor Sandoval by Irma Soriano, the list of shows for the ‘special singing divas’ of the third installment of the show, which would look like this:

  • Anabel Pantoja and Selena: Let it move, move, move
  • Víctor Sandoval and the K-Narias: Dont get dressed, you are not going
  • German Gonzalez and Brown Sugar: Bandit
  • Lydia Lozano and The Supremes of Móstoles: you are sick
  • Ana María Aldón and Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra: long live the night
  • Jaime Nava and Natalia: Swallow
  • Rasel and Shakira Martinez: It was worth it
  • Carolina Ferre and Helena Bianco: the bridge

However, with the presence of the new applicant who joins the eight veteran participants of the mediafestthe format is joined by a new novelty, and that is that those participants who remain in the last three positions of the gala could be removed. Known as “The Challenge,” the as-yet-unannounced new challenger will be able to choose one of the contestants from those bottom three spots to duel in front of the audience, so only one will remain in the contest.

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