The AR program: Ana Rosa Quintana asks “not to scare” about the health of Sara Carbonero: “Everything is very controlled”

Ana Rosa Quintana has referred this Thursday to the state of health of Sarah Carbonerowho underwent surgery on November 21 and underwent a chemotherapy session as part of the treatment she has been receiving since she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor.

Sara Carbonero, operated on urgently in a clinic in Madrid

Sara Carbonero, operated on urgently in a clinic in Madrid

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This latest information has generated some concern, however, the presenter of Telecincowho returned to television in October after 11 months of treatment for breast cancer, has sent a reassurance message because, as you said, this is part of the recovery process.

“When you have a disease, I still have it, you go for a review and sometimes there are small things to solve and small interventions”has commented on the AR programwhere they have echoed the news.

“Let’s let him recover calmly, he’s going to recover because thank God everything is very controlled”, the journalist insisted, aware that this type of situation occurs “because there is a process and it is super reviewed.” “It has not been anything strange, but that the doctors will have understood that it is necessary to intervene. And there are minor interventions, so let’s not scare people that this can happen to anyone ”, she concluded.

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