Stars shine in red at the Cairo International Film Festival

Red is undoubtedly the color of femininity and attractiveness. Which made the stars of the Arab world adopt it in their high-end looks in different degrees, within the activities of the Cairo International Film Festival in its 44th session; Where the red color gave the stars a special charm, and increased their attractiveness and beauty.. Here are the most beautiful looks of the Arab stars who adopted red clothes. To get inspiration from them for your next evening look.

The most beautiful looks of the stars in red evening dresses.. The star, Nelly Karim, wore a bright red dress signed by “Nour Azazi”, and decorated her neck with necklaces encrusted with sparkling diamonds, in a look that was very in tune with the distinctive atmosphere of the festival, while the star, Laila Elwi, shone in her appearance on the red carpet; Where she adopted a red dress with a tight fit, and coordinated with her look jewelry encrusted with diamonds and precious stones.

Heba Magdy records an attractive look on the red carpet. The star, Heba Magdy, chose the red color for her elegant look. Where he gave it a special kind of magic; So she grabbed the spotlight in a one-sleeved red dress, signed by Dina Elgeddawy, in a charming look that combined simplicity and sophistication and was overshadowed by modesty. The artist, Heba Magdy, coordinated earrings and bracelets encrusted with sparkling diamonds, and the beautiful star, Sulaf Fawakherji, adopted an unforgettable look at the Cairo International Film Festival. Where she shone in a red dress with fluffy sleeves, distinguished by its shiny fabric, signed by MILAD HALLAB; Where the dress was distinguished by shiny stones studded from the top and at the sleeves. The Lebanese star, Nour, appeared in a red jumpsuit in a look full of attractiveness, bearing the signature of AtelierMAMZI. The jumpsuit was also distinguished by the long cape that dropped from the top of the shoulder. So she caught the eye with her red dress, whose design was inlaid with shiny embroideries. Which gave a royal look to her look, which bore the signature of Mona Gouda, while she adopted the loose hairdo. To highlight the beauty of her long hair. The artist, Diamond Bou Abboud, adopted a red dress with a simple design in a romantic look, while she coordinated with her look golden accessories that were in harmony with her look, and the cameras recorded spontaneous snapshots of her, accompanied by her husband, the Egyptian star Hani Adel; Where both seemed overjoyed as they appeared together on the red carpet.

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