Record interaction on Twitter .. 20 thousand tweets per second about the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The American billionaire Elon Musk, owner of the international company “Twitter”, revealed, through his official account on the platform, that the tweet traffic about the 2022 World Cup on the “Twitter” platform yesterday, Wednesday, amounted to 20,000 tweets per second.

standard interaction

Musk said the social media platform “Twitter” witnessed record interaction, with popular tweets including those about Japan’s dramatic victory over Germany in the opening match of the World Cup on Wednesday, and about Japanese fans staying after the match to collect the trash that others left behind.

While a post arrived on the official account of the FIFA World Cup, referring to Japan’s victory over Germany, it has won 177,000 likes so far.

Many media outlets on “Twitter” expressed their respect to the Japanese fans, as the American sports channel ESPN tweeted, saying: After their shocking victory over Germany, the Japanese fans stayed after the match to clean the stadium.

Musk praised the Twitter team, saying: They did a great job, and the most famous American billionaire’s tweet about the World Cup boosting Twitter activity to new highs, received wide interaction and mixed reactions, especially after the decision to lay off about half of the employees of the company he bought. weeks ago.

a world record

The official account of the Qatar News Agency on “Twitter” also reposted Elon Musk’s tweet, saying: “Twitter” sets a world record for the number of tweets about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022… it reached 20,000 tweets per second.

Hashtags such as the Qatar World Cup 2022 and the opening match also dominated most of what was circulated by the pioneers of communication sites in various countries of the Arab world, with the kick-off for the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina won the largest percentage in the Arab region and the world, especially since the victory was a shock to tango lovers and a celebration for the Arab audience, who raced to publish videos and tweets on the “Twitter” platform.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is expected to set records on all social media platforms, to be the most prominent in the history of world championships.

2022 World Cup competitions

Today, Thursday, corresponding to November 24, is the fifth day of the 2022 World Cup competitions and the last in the first round of groups, and football fans will be on a date with the first appearance of the Brazil national team against Serbia.

This day will also witness the debut of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who will lead his country against Ghana.

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