Jorge Javier jumped to RTVE to remember when he ‘fell’ from a Zapatero rally

The promotional tour of Jorge Javier Vazquez for his new book has led him to RTVE. The presenter has made a stop at Cafe d’Ideesthe program that leads every morning Gemma Nierga in the disconnection for Catalonia of La 2. The occasion has served for the Telecinco presenter not only to return to significant politically, but to tell an anecdote that involved the former president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Jorge Javier Vázquez with Alsina at Atresmedia: "If he ends 'Save me', what are we going to do?"

Jorge Javier Vázquez with Alsina at Atresmedia: “If ‘Sálvame’ ends, what are we going to do”

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His story went back to the time of here is tomato. “Zapatero came to give a meeting in Barcelona, ​​and I was presenting that program with such good reviews”, he placed it in context. “Through a colleague they told me that if I went they would save me a good place. Those things always make me very ashamed… And when the date approached I think they called me to call me off. I don’t remember if they called me off or didn’t call me again.

“Maybe they thought that it was not a good idea that the presenter of here is tomato I was supporting Zapatero”, he ironized.

He reiterated that he would “never” launch into politics

The situation has nothing to do with the current one. Now, the Catalan is forceful when it comes to publicly commenting on politics, using the Sálvame platform, and has even had meetings with leaders such as Monica Garcia, from More Madrid; and disagreements with the PP of the Community of Madrid. That, without forgetting the call that he received live in the afternoon from Telecinco de Pedro Sanchez in 2014.

All this has made Carlos Alsina He even joked about the possibility that Vázquez could be an ideal candidate for the Madrid PSOE in the next regional elections. “But where did that come from?” Nierga asked.

“I stayed for a coffee with Mónica García and she He already told me that my name was ringing. And it surprised me a lot because it has never been my intention to jump into politics. However, he considers that when the Onda Cero announcer mentioned to him, “it was not such a joke, and he would have heard something,” the presenter made clear, who said he had met a “Spectacular and beautiful Barcelona” upon arriving in town for the interview.

Calls for “a left front” for the next elections

“I don’t live here and I don’t know what can happen. But I have already met several people who complain, and I do not know if they will have reasons for the complaint, ”she warned. “You are very critical of the city. I do not understand why. And maybe I’m screwing up. When a city is criticized, what is happening in the rest of the cities is not taken into account, which are going through the same or worse situations, ”she added, declaring herself“pro Ada Colau”.

With such a situation, he has not had any qualms about betting on a joint candidacy for the next elections of Pedro Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz. “We are in a complicated situation that what is urgent is for the left to stop using so many acronyms and so much fragmentation,” he declared, showing himself to be in favor of “a left front” with which to continue “betting on a progressive country”.

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