After she underwent surgery.. Special to “Madam” details of the artist Angham’s health

The artist, Nadia Mustafa, “a member of the Syndicate of Musical Professions”, revealed the details of the health condition of the artist, Angham, after she underwent an urgent surgery.
Nadia Mostafa said in an exclusive statement to “My Lady”, when she went to the artist Angham in the hospital, where she is located, to check on her after the surgery that she performed, she found that the client caused her complications, namely “adhesion in the intestine” with the occurrence of “dilation in the liver.”
And about the reason behind Angham’s procedure for this operation, she replied, “I asked her because she was tired, and at the same time I did not say that she had performed a hysterectomy as is usual.”
And she continued, that the artist, Angham, is now under observation between two to three days, and her health condition is improving from yesterday, and the doctors have suspended solutions for her.
Angham page: urgent surgery

The official page of the artist, Angham, published on “Instagram” an urgent statement issued by her business management office, in which it was confirmed that she had undergone urgent surgery that caused her health complications.
The published statement came as follows: “The artist, Angham, suffered complications that led to her detention in the hospital, and she is currently still under medical care.
Concerts cancelled

The statement confirmed that Angham tried to fulfill her artistic commitments towards her audience in the coming period, but medical complications had a great impact on her, and the treating medical team was forced to keep her in the hospital under medical supervision for a longer period.
Angham’s business management apologized to each of her fans, announcing the cessation of her artistic activity for an indefinite period, and confirmed Angham’s apology for performing any concerts in the coming period until her health condition stabilized and reassured.
The statement concluded with a request to pray for singer Angham for a speedy recovery.

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