Carole Abboud in an exclusive interview with “My Lady”: The preparation for “The Bride’s Blessing” was different, and I did not feel afraid to present the character “Salma”.

“The Bride’s Blessing” is one of the films that was screened in the “Horizons of Arab Cinema” competition at the 44th Cairo International Film Festival.
The movie “Blessing the Bride” revolves around the confrontation of “Salma” (Carole Abboud) with a bitter past, which suddenly returns with her divorced daughter, forcing the mother and daughter to rediscover the bond that binds them to each other.
The film stars Carole Abboud and Omaya Malaeb, in association with actors Rabih El Zahr, Antoinette Novelli, Fadia El Tanir, Fadi Saqr, Nisreen Khader, and written and directed by Bassem Breish.
And about the scenes of the work and the preparation for it, the artist, Carol Abboud, spoke to “My Lady” in a private interview, to reveal to us more details about the work, so to the text of the dialogue.
The character “Salma” was living in a struggle between loneliness and the past. How did you manage to enter this character?
At the outset, I want to clarify something, which is that the film depends on the acting performance, because there are no dialogues, and this matter made everyone who watched the movie feel the anxiety that Salma was experiencing because she remembers things in her imagination that make the viewer wonder about the thing that Salma is hiding.
And I want to point out another thing, which is that the director of the film intended this, because the expression of the actor without dialogues makes the viewer feel that there is something in the life of this woman that is not clear.
Did you feel worried or afraid that you broke the stereotype of the “mother” through Salma’s character in the movie “Birket Arous”?
I want to talk about this point in detail, which is that “Salma” moved the maternal emotion inside her in the last scene during the moment of the miscarriage that her daughter “Toraya” suffered, but it was a simple move, and everyone knows that the world is full of many examples of mothers who follow the method of estrangement in their relationship with Their children, such as the relationship of “Salma” with “Toraya”, and so that the viewer does not misunderstand the story of the film, we here do not present a picture of the Lebanese woman, especially since I received many questions about this matter because of the estrangement in the treatment that dominated the personal way and behavior. Salma” in the film, but we talk in general about the human being because just as there is a bad mother, there is also a good mother, and so there are good and bad fathers on the ground. “The person who has a sweet relationship with his mother is lucky.”
In fact, I did not feel any fear at all about presenting Salma’s “character” in this way, because I prefer to present all characters, even if they are atypical…”I would love to do any character.”
How long did it take you to prepare for the character?
The preparation here was different, because it was not on the text or on paper, especially since throughout the events of the film I talk about four sentences, so the preparation was with the director of the film and the actress who played the role of my daughter, “Thoraya,” who focused on the past and my own experiences, which are difficult to understand. She converges with “Salma”, especially since the actor has to create from the character a need that does not resemble him, and this is the magic of acting.

Dramatic works
“Zahra’s Salon…a popular series”

In your opinion, the difficulty of the series “Salon Zahra” lies in its first or second part?
In the beginning, I am very happy with the positive echoes achieved by the second part of the series “Salon Zahra”, as it is a popular series par excellence, and all the elements were present in the second part, especially with the joining of capable actresses such as the artist Samia Al-Jazaery, and such a thing gives greater strength to the second part.
In any work, its difficulty lies in its second part, especially with the success of its first parts, because this matter introduces the viewer into a state of comparison between the new part and the previous parts.

“To die… enjoys acceptance among the people”
Have you started filming your scenes for the third season of the series “For Death 3”?
Indeed, we started filming it in Beirut, and after the end of the Cairo Festival, I will go to Tunisia to film my scenes there, and I want to say that the series “For Death” is a “big job.” It can be extended to many parts, especially since it has great acceptance among people.

“The Visit…and the Egyptian Works”
Can it be said that your participation in the series “The Visit” will give you an opportunity to participate in Egyptian works?
We are talking about an Egyptian or Syrian series, in light of the presence of electronic platforms, especially as they make many around the world see and familiarize themselves with the works that are shown, and I previously had an experience with an Egyptian director and team in Beirut in the series “The Escape”, and I hope there is an opportunity in Egypt through a role that suits me.

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