A star in “100 Wush” works as a taxi driver, due to the lack of work offered to her

The artist Naglaa Younis topped the most searched trend on social media, after she revealed that she recently worked as a taxi driver to cover her expenses, due to the lack of artwork presented to her, despite her brilliance among the stars of the series “B 100 Wesh” starring Nelly Karim and Aser Yassin.

Naglaa Younis from the scenes of Faten Amal Harbi series – the photo from her official Facebook page

Naglaa Younis, who embodied in the series the personality of an employee of the Health Office, expected after the success of the work that artistic performances would shower her, but the exact opposite happened according to her statements to the “Al-Sattat” program presented by the two media figures Moufida Shiha and Suhair Judeh, and indicated that she presented about 20 artworks during her artistic career. She recently had to work as a driver.

Naglaa Younis added that a few passengers recognize her during the delivery trips, but at the same time she indicated that she resorted to disguising herself while working, as she changed the appearance of her hair, so that she could work without recognizing her.

She mentioned during the meeting that the idea came to her from her best friend, so she decided to take this adventure as an experiment, but she did not face any major challenge during her work.

She said that her life is going through different stages, and it is possible that there will be days at the top and days at the bottom, but she hates that she is a little resourceful, especially since she got married and then separated after two years, and she did not find that her character was in line with her husband, so she decided to separate.

It is noteworthy that Naglaa participated in the Ramadan 2022 season in the series “Faten Amal Harbi” in front of the star Nelly Karim, and she also joined the stars of the second part of the series “Why not” with the star Menna Shalaby.

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