‘Love is forever’ celebrates 2,500 episodes after a decade without pause on Antena 3

Love is forever celebrates its chapter 2,500 this Monday, November 21, after eleven seasons and nearly ten years of life in antenna 3and consolidating itself as the most watched national series on television thanks to congregating more than a million viewers, also currently forming a good tandem with the Turkish bitter land.

Antena 3 completes the cast of 'La pasión turca' and launches the first image of the shoot with Maggie Civantos

Antena 3 completes the cast of ‘La pasión turca’ and launches the first image of the shoot with Maggie Civantos

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As the network presumes in a statement, the series produced by Atresmedia Television In collaboration with Diagonal (Banijay Iberia) During its eleven seasons, it has been able to attract well-known actors in Spanish fiction, to create viral phenomena that have crossed borders, or to make the viewer feel like one of the Asturianos family. A decade in which it has not stopped reinventing itself with new plots, new sets and characters, always ensuring its quality. In addition, in its last seasons, the series has increased the outdoor locations.

Itziar Miranda, Manuel Baqueiro and José Antonio Sayagués, better known as Manolita, Marcelino and Pelayo, are already iconic characters in Spanish series. Also, Love is forever currently has Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramón, Ángeles Martín, Sebas Fernández, Luz Valdenebro and Andoni Ferreñoactors who have confirmed their characters as fixed in recent seasons.

The list of protagonists of the eleventh batch of fiction is completed Melani Olivares, Jorge Bosch, Adriana Ubani, Daniel Cabrera, Ander Azurmendi, Paula Iwasaki, Carlos Serrano-Clark, Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Adelfa Calvo, Dani Muriel, Pepa Rus and Toni Sevilla.

Parade and trampoline of actors

Love is forever It has had an incomparable cast that has been renewed season after season, becoming in many cases a cradle of talent, but above all receiving highly recognized performers. Among them, actresses and actors like Ángela Cremonte, Alfonso Bassave, Asier Etxeandía, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Milán, Andrea Duro, Pedro Casablanc, Anna Castillo, Juanjo Artero, Pepón Nieto, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Fernando Cayo, Víctor Clavijo, Olivia Molina, Jesús Olmedo, Ana Polvorosa, Paula Usero, Carol Rovira, Adriana Torrebejano, Bárbara Lennie, Lola Herrera, Juanjo Puigcorbé, Jon Plazaola, Inma Cuestas, Álex García, Nancho Novo, Marc Clotet, Elena Furiase, Antonio Garrido, Belén López, Octavi Pujades, Toni Cantó, Michelle Calvó , Maria Castro, David Castillo, Ana Labordeta, Jaime Blanch, María Barranco or Jordi Rebellón.

The series has Montse García (Atresmedia TV), Jaume Banacolocha, Jordi Frades and Eduardo Casanova (Diagonal) in executive production. Eduardo Casanova is its director, Verónica Viñé the script plot director, Beatriz Duque the rundown coordinator, and Ángel Agudo the dialogue coordinator. The production direction is in charge of Nuria Hernàndez and Marta Creus.

Eleven successful seasons on Antena 3

Love is forever it has started another course as the most watched national series on television, and continues to be synonymous with success and loyalty. Nine out of ten Spaniards have seen the series at some point, since it has more than 40 million contacts.

After more than 2,400 episodes since its inception, the tenth season of the fiction brought together a average of 1.2 million viewers reaching 12.3%, his best quota of the last three years. Its episodes can be seen a week before they are broadcast on television on Atresplayer Premium, and outside of Spain they can be followed on Antena 3 Internacional and the international version of the Atresmedia payment platform.

The figures of these 2,500 chapters

Throughout these almost ten years, the scriptwriters of Love is forever have written a total of 37,500 sequenceswhich are equivalent to 150,000 broadcast minutes. All of this recorded in facilities with two 1,500 m2 sets and another 1,000 m2 outdoor set in which the mythical Plaza de los Frutos and two other streets are built, to which outdoor locations have now been added.

They have passed through the series more than 1,500 actors and 27,700 extrasfor which more than 6,250 different changing rooms.

And in order to give the stories realism, a total of 285 decorations specifically for recordings. In addition, in these 2,500 chapters, the production cars have covered more than 400,000 kilometers.

Time evolution in a very real context

The series has run a total 21 years in time, narrating, through its plots, the most important moments in the recent history of Spain. Started in 1960with the country plunged into a convulsive and complicated moment both politically and socially, where the ravages caused by the Civil War and with the Franco dictatorship implanted were still palpable.

Over the years, the plots evolved at the same time that the real Spanish history did; And with this, the mentality and what was lived inside the Plaza de los Frutos began to change.

Love is foreverthat currently narrates what he lived in 1981has shown during its last seasons the great transformation suffered in Spain with the end of the dictatorial regime, the transition, the arrival of democracy, the emergence of new customs, the rise of tourism, fashion and, above all, the first glimpses of a society that could begin to live with greater freedom.

In these new chapters, Spain faces its future to dazzle the world during the World Cup. Times where creativity and modernity came together, in a climate of political instability and economic crisis. This is the weekly summary of its next chapters:

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