Little princesses reveal to “Madam” the joy of walking around in dresses in Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland outdoor area celebrated a special day for little princesses within the Riyadh season, yesterday, Thursday, November 17, during which it allowed free entry for those who wore dresses and cartoon princess costumes. , drawing caricatures, and being able to make accessories for the princess teddy bear, instant photography, hot chocolate, and forming balloons, so “Madam” wandered among them, and got acquainted with the dazzling costumes of children in an atmosphere full of fun and joy, and some of them revealed their favorite games as well.

Disney Princess

At the beginning, we met Jana, who wore Snow White, and she is the same character that Lulu Al-Farihi wore, and about her reason, Lulu explained: I wore it because I love her, and she also showed her love for the scary games in amusement parks because she is brave and fearless.
We met Ghala, who wore Princess Bell from the cartoon The Princess and the Beast, a character also worn by Rima Al-Abd Al-Karim, indicating that she loves Beauty Bell, and she also loves scary games.


As for Lama Al-Mashaiti, she wore Princess Marietta from the movie The Little Mermaid, and adorned herself with a crown and a necklace of princesses.

Unicorn dress

Saba Al-Hakami roamed actively while wearing the unicorn dress, indicating that she loves the colors and wings in the unicorn; As her dress is accompanied by a shawl decorated with stars and a colorful skirt in cheerful unicorn colors, and about the games she loved in the amusement parks, she showed that she loves the zombie house because of the beautiful elements it contains.

Balloon dress

In a different way, Oraib Al-Qahtani told us about a dress made of balloons entirely for the character of Elissa, indicating that it is beautiful and different on Princesses Day, although she expected that movement in it would be difficult at first, but she loved it very much.

Face painting

We met Nada Tamim, the owner of Brand Reveland, the first Saudi brand for face painting in all parts of Saudi Arabia, and she revealed that they started painting with glitter colors in the last Riyadh season, and after that it became a trend, and a number of other parties presented it because it is loved by children and adults of both sexes, and they ask for forms they prefer. with a strong turnout,
As for the princesses’ day drawings, they are on the forehead, and they contain a lot of glitter. Because the princesses love it, just as they love colors like pink, purple and yellow Disneyland cameras.
She goes on to talk about the tools used in drawing and says: with glitter that is suitable for the skin, does not cause allergies, and the colors are authorized by the Food and Drug Authority, and they are washable.

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