4 Arabs set records and entered the Guinness Book of Records this year

People from all over the world showed their talents during the celebration of the 19th Guinness World Records Day this year, the exceptional skills ranged from dancing the most hoops at a time while standing on stilts, to solving the most cube puzzles while skateboarding.

The 19th annual event, with the theme “Extreme Skills”, has motivated people from across continents of the world to rise to new heights of what is humanly possible.

According to Guinnessworldrecords, two individuals from the Emirates showcased their amazing talents and broke records. Freestyle soccer player Ammar Al Khudairi, also known as “Ammar Fariz”, broke two records.

Ammar Fariz, the UAE football champion

Frieze touches the ball while hanging. (Image via guinnessworldrecords)

Ammar Fariz was discovered four years ago on the TV show Arabs Got Talent, where he made it to the semi-finals. He is the UAE Freestyle Football Champion three times, the Middle East Freestyle Football Champion, the winner of the International Ubhouse Freestyle Football Challenge, and was ranked 16th in the world by the WFFA in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
He broke the record for “most consecutive touches while hanging with one hand in 30 seconds”, with 87 touches of the ball.
He also broke “most consecutive touchdowns on a quad bike doing a wheelie (team of two)”. This achievement was accomplished in collaboration with the famous athlete Abdullah Al-Hattawi. They reached 70 football touches.
Al-Hatawi achieved his fourth Guinness World Record title all by using his ATV stunts skills. He currently holds records for “Most People on a Quad Bike” (17) breaking the record set since 2004, for “Longest Wheelie (distance) on a Quad Bike (ATV)” – 60 km – a feat he performed on Sheikh Street Zayed in 2018, and ‘the largest distance to perform a quad bike (ATV) wheelie with a person balancing on his shoulders with 2249.14 meters.

Regional champions

Freeze and Wreck – Image courtesy of guinnessworldrecords

Other regional champions include 21-year-old Sarah Al-Rukbani from Tunisia and Yazan Saleh from Syria.
Rukbani broke the record for the most contact martial arts kicks on a treadmill in 30 seconds, with 91 repetitions. As Sarah El Rokbani of Tunisia earned her name in the “Guinness Book of Records” and is a five-time record holder, she attempted another record this year for “the most consecutive jumps”, with 25 in total.
The sophomore has a large following on the Internet, and is known for her amazing fighting moves and gorgeous long hair.
The five-time record holder, Syrian Yazan Saleh, became the fastest man to pull a car for 30 meters with his teeth, recording a time of 18.13 seconds. The Syrian strongman also equaled another record after achieving 25 consecutive jumps from hurdles.

number crunching

“Guinness World Records Day is a global celebration of the best,” said Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records.

“We all have skills, we all have good tricks, but are the skills good enough to get into the Guinness Book of Records? We see hundreds of attempts in many different countries,” he said.

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