“You can’t give journalism lessons”

Moments of tension lived in Speaking clear on account of the strike of carriers. Marc Caldero has cut a live interview with Manuel Hernandezvisible face of the National Platform Defense Transport Sectorafter his attacks against the program and the media for manipulating, when speaking of the low support for the mobilization that began this Monday, November 14.

TVE rules out taking over the docuseries of La Moncloa and Pedro Sánchez: "It is not planned to broadcast"

TVE rules out taking over the docuseries of La Moncloa and Pedro Sánchez: “It is not planned to broadcast it”

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The reason for the connection was the beginning of a new round of protests promoted by the association of the sector, which are not supported by the rest of the transport associations. For the moment, in addition to a lower participation than in the prior concentration promoted by the platformin March, No incidents have been detected in the country’s main logistics pointsas explained Javier Ruiz shortly before the interview. “The figures say that this punctures”, warned the journalist.

He said that TVE is “inciting that there have to be problems”

Upon receiving the welcome, Hernandez was on the defensive. “In the first place, I want to publicly denounce the work of the media, in this case you who are a public channel, the editorial line that you are following, to try to minimize, discredit and convey that there is no problem. They are doing a disservice to freedom of information.” Some laughter was even heard from the set, while Calderó asked the interviewee for calm, who insisted: “They are manipulating the data.”

“As you understand, I am going to defend the work of both my colleagues and mine,” intervened the co-presenter, who tried to get Hernández to answer his questions, without success. In fact, the promoter of the mobilization accused him of “inciting that there should be problems.”

Despite the attempts to redirect the situation, the promoter, related to Vox, refused to respond to Calderó and to stop talking: “Now you have to listen to me, because you are discrediting me and carrying out a smear campaign”.

Calderó: “Our job is not to intoxicate”

Calderó exhorted the leader of the platform to calm down and they could conduct an interview in which he could present his point of view. “If you don’t listen to me, we’ll have to try to talk another time.” The aforementioned, on the contrary, assured that “they are messing with thousands of families” from the program. “We are not going to allow TVE and the powers that dominate you”.

Our job is not to intoxicate, I would ask you to please change the tone”, warned the journalist once again, patiently, who asked the interviewee to stop “disrespecting” the profession. “The ones who disrespect are you.”

Despite a new attempt by Calderó to direct the conversation, Hernández once again refused to answer the only question that had been asked from the set, stating that TVE is protecting “the great lobby of transport”, and even venturing problems: “If this continues, you may have to change the news”, hinting at hypothetical conflicts. The carrier also complained that the press called “certain well-paid gentlemen to speak ill of me”, and again accused the program of “intoxicating”.

“You can’t give us journalism lessons”

Calderó, for his part, again set a limit in the conversation. “You can’t give us journalism lessons”. “I give transportation lessons,” Hernández added.

“As it seems impossible that we can have an interview as God intended, we are going to leave this interview”, settled Calderó, who wanted to value the work of the writing of the program, as well as of the chain. “You’ve tried, but if you don’t listen…”, added Lourdes Maldonado, who joined that claim.

Ruiz took the opportunity to underline: “It is outrageous: he complains that he is not given a voice, when what he does is use the voice he is given for political slogans. Data has not given any. The fair tutorials”.

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