Jorge Javier Vzquez: “I give an interview to ‘El Mundo’ for promotion, because people read it”


Jorge Javier Vzquez makes it clear, ‘Antes del olvido’ is not a book about addictions but a book about what it means to be an addict. He claims to have discovered who he really is. And in that discovery he no longer shuts up

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Jorge Javier Vzquez, in his garden with his donkey, Fortunato.ALBERTO DI LOLLI

Jorge Javier Vzquezthe one on TV, and Jorge Javier Vzquez, the real one. This is the dilemma to which the presenter of Telecinco faces in Before Oblivion (Ed. Planet), on sale from this Wednesday. a book in which Jorge Javier Vzquez it opens up the channel to unsuspected limits. “I have the feeling that I am finding out now what life is about,” she says.

But the first question is obligatory after having criticized yesterday in an interview with Carlos Alsina to EL MUNDO. I consider that a long time ago it stopped being a newspaper to be a partisan organ at the service of interests that have nothing to do with what is strictly journalistic, he tells us. Why, then, do you grant an interview to the newspaper? First, I have given you an interview because I have given it to you, who have been writing about me for many years and examining me. And second, because the newspaper EL MUNDO is read by people: for promotion, plain and simple. He’s not on my red line yet, though he deserves to be. Does the answer seem right to you?

The book starts with your fear of being addicted, of being an alcoholic. Do you already have an answer?
I have addictive behaviors and my psychologist thinks I am addicted. I go to an addiction center and I’m going to group therapy, but I’ve never been admitted. And notice that when I arrived at the addiction center in October I was so, so overwhelmed that the only salvation I saw was to enter me. I wanted to disappear and be in a place without talking to anyone. I needed therapy.
Your biggest addiction?
My greatest addiction, my most dangerous addiction has been work. Addictions are always associated with substances, but not only with substances. I was interested in this book to talk about what it means mentally to be addicted and an addiction is always bad.
And the booze?
I have always said, and I tell it in the book, that I have had a bad relationship with alcohol. I was in a center when I realized that drinking was no longer fun for me as it used to be and it didn’t make me feel good. Drinking gave me tremendous blackouts. However, over the years I have realized that for me work has been my biggest addiction and all, absolutely all addictions are bad. One of my phrases was ‘this job is going to kill me’. Now I look back and think ‘my goodness! How have I been able to do what I have done, to put in so many hours, to sleep so little, to go to bed so late, to get up so early? It’s addictive. Yes, I am a perfectionist, I am a non-conformist, permanently dissatisfied. I don’t like the world around me. I need to have incentives because I get bored immediately. And all this was given to me by work, both in the theater and on television. You get into a world in which you have full adrenaline, and then when you leave it, everything seems frankly boring. And then all my life I’ve been drinking. I have drunk a lot. But as soon as I started drinking, I felt very miserable. And I said, ‘this is not going well’.
The sex too?
I have used sex as an escape valve and it has not always been pleasant. It was a way to release anxietystress and have not had a healthy relationship with sex since I was very young. I have used sex compulsively.
How an escape route?
I don’t want it to sound like an ultra-conservative speech because I’m a lover of crazy nights, fifteen-minute adventures, having a relationship on the first night and all that. Because I also believe that love is not measured in time, but that you can fall in love with a person in a quarter of an hour and fall out of love too. But there came a time in my life when it was too far fetched And that’s why I decided to go to an addiction center. I think it was the best idea I’ve had in years.

Jorge Javier Vzquez makes it clear, before oblivion is not a book about addictions but a book about what it means to be an addict. And to be addicted is to tell how you came to realize you were. There are hard and very difficult parts, but others in which through humor, Jorge Javier Vzquez shows how far he had come. Like that weekend in Bologna in which he became, without realizing it and because of alcohol and Prozac, a a “Hannibal Lecter” of sex. A young man, “handsome”, a wait between wines, a night that promised to be splendid, a sudden abandonment and a surprise ending: “He wrote me and told me that he had bitten him, pulled his hair… And I did not remember no problem”.

You say that your own psychology is concerned about your public relevance and tries to protect you, but in the book you brutally expose yourself.
I wanted to join a therapy group despite being Jorge Javier Vzquez because it has been super-proven that group therapy works a lot. It is recognizing yourself in others and that is fundamental. Recognize that your fears and insecurities are the same as someone else’s. And in my case, I am a very popular person, It makes me equal to the others, it helps me to touch ground.
Are you aware that the book is going to raise blisters? Treasury, politics…
In the case of the Treasury, the figures are a lie. The 800,000 euros that come out are always a lie. Fortunately I have not come to pay even a quarter of what is said and I am still litigating. And I’ve been on the subject for 15 years now. Because I have been fortunate that things went well for me and that I appeared save me, but if it hadn’t been like that, the appearance of the Treasury at that moment in my life would have been terrifying. Overnight, something that was useful, that you could do it that way, was no longer valid. Do you know what it is to litigate 15 years? And fortunately, I have been able to litigate. But there are people who have not been able to do it and who have fallen by the wayside. The Treasury wins, but you have to have patience and financial resources (…) It’s something very wickedeither.
In fact, in the book you say that there are powers that can annihilate you even if you are Jorge Javier Vzquez
I know people think I have a lot of power, but I don’t. What I am not afraid of is power. Power is measured when you have the power, forgive the redundancy, to get up one day and say ‘this is not going to be able to me’.
Have they annihilated you?
No, no, no, no… I don’t get into stories that could harm me that way either. We have seen it with Podemos, what they have done to Podemos, the false accounts… It seems to me the clearest example of that. As you touch the nose to a certain sector, you have all the ballots to be destroyed. Cwith truths, half truths or directly with lies.

He admits that in these last two years there came a time when he didn’t even know who he was. “I finally know that I think I know who I am,” she says. And who is Jorge Javier Vzquez for Jorge Javier? Keep quiet and pull stars, the doathe actress Mara Flix, who used to say that ‘talking about me is very severe because I am much better than I seem’. Laugh, but also cry. Now she is crying.

I control the TV war, but getting involved in the political war is no longer

For a long time Jorge Javier Vzquez he was unable to cry. Now he can, now he cries like a child. Like when he said goodbye Paul Vasile. He doesn’t want to go into details, “that’s up to him and me”, but he has no qualms about confessing that it’s been like when you’re at school and the teacher you’ve always had is gone: “It is that there are 20 years of my life that I shelve”.

Yet another duel?
Another one. And I already have several behind me this year. Yes. Yeah, I’m a bit tired of dueling.
Is Jorge Javier Vzquez preparing for goodbye?
What I know I would like, and I think I know I have to do this and I owe it to myself, is to be able to live for a while being anonymous. And to be able to decide. This is what I need. And of course it wouldn’t be in this country, for many reasons, because I need to get back in touch with the street, meet someone as an equal. I think it’s not very far. Honestly, at least a parn. What is very clear to me is that I want the detoxification process to be gradualbecause I don’t want it to be overnight and see me lost.
Let the audiences or those above decide it…
Have the lucidity and realize to say ‘look, well, up to here’. Being able to choose and decide. Now there is a change of CEO and we don’t know what will happen. We know Paolo Vasile is leaving, but we don’t know what’s coming.

before oblivion it’s not the book that Jorge Javier Vzquez he would have liked to write. Her raison d’être was the death of her soulmate, “my partner”, her mila. It is only when he speaks of her that tears flow from her. He can’t forget. He claims to be overcoming the duel, but the pain continues. She is aware that she will never come back, but she also knows that she will never find someone like her. The wound is not healed, although the presenter tries to heal her by all means. He talks about her every day with a picture that he has of her in her house, the book is all a “love letter” to her, and when he describes her… Oh, when you describe it! I lost his half.

Has Jorge Javier paid a very high price for being Jorge Javier Vzquez?
I wanted to pay it. Is that no one has put a gun to me not to be me. I have lived very, very intensely and I want to continue living intensely. But I need more time for myself. And I need more time to live.
And do you like Jorge Javier on TV?
Well, I’ve asked myself that many times. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I think that if I were a spectator I would like to see someone like me, someone who provokes my emotions. I don’t like personalities that don’t get into puddles. If there isn’t a puddle in my life, I get bored.
You shut up, you don’t shut up. Why do you think Aimar Bretos has canceled the interview with you?
I believe that by Carles Francino and Angels Barcel and what I wrote on Twitter. I find it so crappy… Besides, I’ll tell you what, they were the ones who refused to give me an award. It was Carles Francino who from the country He said I made “disgusting television.” So, she answered and they canceled my interview. It’s a crazy thing, right? What do you want me to do then? Shut me up? I get some gentlemen and that we thought that on the left there are no lords, well there are.
And what about the Mayor of Madrid?
I have no interest. What I was missing! I control the TV war, but I no longer get involved in the political war.
Is there agony for Save me?
Do you know what’s up? That we are still leaders. And as the chain is, we are one of the most watched programs. At the beginning of the summer I know there was a moment when we said ‘but what’s going on?’, but now we’ve made up our minds. We are experiencing a moment of uncertainty due to the change of CEO, but there is no longer any pressure. And when you stop being afraid, you are invincible.
We end with a ‘neither Mila nor Mili nor Milo nor Mili’?
Yes, yes… The book is a love letter to Mila, but I would have liked not to have to write it. This story was not in our lives. shouldn’t have happened.

before oblivion, by Jorge Javier Vzquez and published by Editorial Planeta, is already on sale. you can buy it here

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