Netflix renews ‘El Vigilante’ and ‘Monster’, which becomes an anthology after the success of ‘Dahmer’

Netflix has announced that one of his greatest hits of the year, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, will have two more seasons focused on other serial killers who “have impacted society.” Also, The vigilantthe other series created by Ryan Murphy Y Ian Brennanwill have a second season on the streaming service.

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“The audience can’t look away. Monster Y The vigilant. The creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan at Monster With Eric Newman in The vigilant they are masterful storytellers who captivated audiences around the world,” he says. Bela BajariaNetflix’s global television director, in a statement.

“The consecutive strength of these two series is due to Ryan’s distinctive voice, which caused cultural impact, and we are delighted to continue telling stories in the universes of Monster Y The vigilant”, concludes Bajaria.

The renewal of both fictions is not at all surprising. Above all, if one bears in mind that both Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story What The vigilant managed to position themselves among the series most watched by Netflix users. In fact, Dahmer is the second most watched series in English on Netflix, only surpassed by stranger things.

These are the first two great successes of Murphy, creator of glee, Feud either American Horror Story, since in 2018 he signed an exclusivity agreement to create content for the streaming service for five years for 300 million dollars. An agreement within the framework of which has reaped some failures such as The Politicians, Ratcheted Y Hollywoodbefore sweeping his series based on true crimes.

However, the platform has not offered details about the plot of the new chapters of The vigilant, so now it remains to be seen if the fiction will close the fronts that it left open in its first season. Of course, on the other hand, there is also the possibility that both Muprhy and Brennan choose to leave the brannock family aside, and turn the series into an anthology of stories with a new house and protagonists, as will happen with Monster.

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