We have about 50 thousand mobilization soldiers in combat units

The Russian president revealed Vladimir PutinAbout 80,000 mobilized soldiers are in the area of ​​the special military operation, of whom about 50 thousand are participating in hostilities in Ukraine.

“Now we have about 50 thousand soldiers in combat units. The rest have not yet taken part in hostilities,” Putin said at a meeting with the governor of Tver Province, Igor Rodnya, during a visit to the region, on Monday, according to Russian media.

He added, “But there are up to 80,000 in the area (the area of ​​the Russian special military operation). The rest are all in the training fields.”

318 thousand

It is noteworthy that the Russian President had announced last Friday that the flow of volunteers wishing to join the armed forces of Russia is not decreasing, and the number of those who completed mobilize them to 318 thousand people.

“We already have 318,000 (mobilized). Why 318,000? Because volunteers are coming in. The number of volunteers is not decreasing,” he said.

He also explained that out of this number, there are 49,000 personnel in the army who carry out combat missions, while the rest are still participating in training.

It is noteworthy that the partial mobilization decision, which entered the site of implementation immediately on September 21, is the first of its kind since the former Soviet Union was fighting Nazi Germany in World War II.

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