Francisco’s brown when replacing Ainhoa ​​Arteta in Dos Increbles: “I’ve done what I could”

The artist formed a couple with Marta Soto


The singer had very little time to rehearse his songs, which were prepared for the soprano’s tessitura

the brown
Francisco in Two IncrediblesRTVE

A new contestant joins Two Incredibles in the delivery issued on Thursday, November 3. Francisco appeared in the space the 1 to replace Ainhoa ​​Artetawho began to feel bad on the eve of the recording and had to leave due to health problems.

The singer took the place of the Basque and formed a couple with Martha Soto. She had it more difficult than the rest of the participants, since the songs she was going to perform had already been chosen and her arrangements were prepared for the soprano’s tessitura.

His first performance on the show was a version of And if it was her? This song of Alejandro Sanz it was very special for Soto, since her original interpreter was the one who helped her make herself known. The format broadcast images of the rehearsals, where the newcomer praised his partner.

Since Francisco received the invitation of the program until he recorded the gala, less than 24 hours passed. He had to travel to Madrid at dawn, rehearse his songs at full speed and go on stage with Martha Soto.

In their second performance they defended It’s so hard to forget youof meccano. However, the voice of Francisco could not shine in this composition and he pointed out that they were playing at a disadvantage: “It is a song that is prepared to be sung Ainhoa. I come to replace a person who has become ill and had to sing some songs that they were already selected and arranged. It had to be done.”

“Me I made what I could. It’s not a song that I can express myself with. I can’t sing it on my string. I have never sung with such bass”, commented the man from Alicante, explaining that the ballad was not prepared for his recording as a tenor.

Francisco Y Martha Soto they finished in third place at the end of the night. He was optimistic: “Put yourself in the skin of another singer with those well-known songs It is a challenge. But I love those challenges and everything that is music is beautiful. It’s finally out and next week we’ll have more time.”

The celebrity groups

Two Incredibles enter a new stage from the delivery that can be seen in the 1 on Thursday, November 10. All contestants will meet and stop competing in pairs to do it in quartets. In addition, the first eliminations will arrive to format.

The two strongest couples in each group will form a team, with which Miguel Poveda, Antonio José, Sole Gimnez Y Yoly Saa they will face Antonio Carmona, Nia Correia, Paul Alone Y Carlos Goy.

On the other hand, the two who had been left in the last two places will join forces, so that Ana Beln, Agoney, Victor Manuel Y Chema Rivas they will fight against Francisco, Marta Soto, Diego Torres Y The onion.

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