Cuatro recovers the original brand ‘Traveling with Chester’, which is already promoted with Risto Mejide

Last August, Cuatro announced the return of the chester as one of its main assets for this season. What was not known is that Mediaset has decided to recover the original brand of the format, Traveling with Chestertitle with which the program landed in 2014 on the group’s second channel.

Risto moved on 'Got Talent' with his surprise piano performance: "When you love, even if you're wrong..."

Risto moved people on ‘Got Talent’ with his surprise piano performance: “When you love, even if you’re wrong…”

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This is attested to by the first promo that Cuatro has already launched and in which the publicist can be seen next to his emblematic sofa. Immediately afterwards, the Catalan sits down without saying a single word. At that moment, a sign advances that “very soon” the interview space will returnwhich recovers its emblematic title.

At the moment, Mediaset has not revealed more details about its mechanics, but the name change suggests that Risto Mejide will tour the country again to talk to the different characters who sit in his famous chair. In this way, the presenter would leave the set in which the second stage of the format was developed.

The umpteenth change of the ‘Chester’

In 2017, the Fuencarral group reformulated the program, which was renamed Chester in love. This ‘rebranding’ took place with the return of Risto Mejide to Mediaset after his departure to Antena 3 to present to the thinking corner, an interview space practically identical to the one he had been hosting at the rival company. This was broadcast in two seasons throughout the year 2015 and Cuatro decided to continue with Traveling with Chester in a fourth season in which Peppa Well replaced the main presenter.

The journalist only presented one season of the program, which returned two years later as chester in love and with Risto Mejide again at the helm. The program moved to a set chaired by the sofa in which the Catalan was chatting with his guests, while on a big screen were facing one of the highlights of his life. Each installment was dedicated to a particular theme and, finally, in its sixth season it was renamed simply chester. Now, the format recovers its original title and it remains to be seen if the same thing happens with its mechanics.

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