Alonso Caparrós assures that Jon Kortajarena has apologized to him and that he is “disgusted” with ‘La Resistencia’

Alonso Caparros ensures that Jon Kortajarena has contacted him to apologize for the controversial statements he made in The resistancewhere he said, between laughs, that in The inmortal He will play a 1990s TV host who had a drug problem.

Alonso Caparrós, to Jon Kortajarena for his "farlopero presenter" in 'The Immortal': "He is a class idiot"

Alonso Caparrós, to Jon Kortajarena for his “farlopero presenter” in ‘El Inmortal’: “He is a category imbecile”

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Although he did not mention him explicitly, Caparrós took it for granted and charged the model for the jokes that were made on such a delicate subject: “Why does this guy seem like a class asshole to me? Because that problem is a disease”sentenced the fellow Save me this Thursday, after which he received a call from Kortajarena.

“When the show wasn’t over, Jon contacted me. I have to say that he is a wonderful, generous and wonderful young man. He recognized his mistake, that the character he was referring to was me”assures Caparrós, who in those years presented Fury and he had this addiction problem, as he has acknowledged on many occasions.

According to the collaborator Save mewho has made his conversation with the actor public this Friday afternoon, Kortajarena “understood that he was hurting, more than me, the people who suffer from this problem”, for which he thanks him for his position: “I have to take my hat off. Rectifying is for wise men and seems like a close kid to me”.

What’s more, Caparrós also apologized for having called him an “imbecile” during the broadcast of the program.

The model, “disgusted” with ‘La Resistencia’

“For me, today, that is a minor offense because that was a long time ago and I am another person, but I stressed the importance that this has for the relatives,” continues the Telecinco commentator, according to which, Kortajarena is upset with The resistance for the way in which this topic was approached: “He told me that he felt upset about how that content had been treated in the program”.

In addition, Caparrós has confirmed that his family is very offended with David Broncanothe presenter of The resistance. So much so that his father has contacted the producer of the program: “My father has made a call as a father who feels hurt by how people who suffer from this are treated.”

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