The Benidorm Fest 2023 has not attracted the audience at the moment… but it has avoided leaks

The Benidorm Festival 2023 announced this Tuesday night, with a special micro-space in the prime time of the 1 conducted by Agnes Hernandto its 18 participants chosen by RTVE.

These are the 18 participants of the Benidorm Fest 2023 on RTVE

These are the 18 participants of the Benidorm Fest 2023 on RTVE

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It was obviously an important announcement, and that’s why it was placed in the prime time of the public network. But it was communicated around 7:20 p.m. by the corporation. That is, only three hours before it was broadcast on the channel.

The reason, as we had already explained shortly before, is that At first it was an anti-leakage “plan B” of TVE. The will of the chain was to make the full announcement at the special gala this Saturday, which remains a prime time asset presented by Rodrigo Vázquez and Julia Varela. But to prevent the names (which were selected on Monday, and communicated to all of them) from beginning to leak, the chain played cat and mouse throughout the day to finally decide to broadcast that special micro-space with Inés Hernand.

The consequence? That the eurofan public, and fan of the Benidorm Fest, was aware of the comings and goings from the first moment, and knew that they had an appointment after Mapi. But that the spectators who do not follow the latest news of the festival, surely they had not even heard that the 18 participants of the Benidorm Fest were going to meet in the prime time of La 1. There was no time, and for many “appeared” by chain surprise.

For this reason, as we gather in our audience analysis, the broadcast of Benidorm Fest 2023: The chosen ones settled for a 4% share and 571,000 viewers. She was less quota and viewers than Mapi just before (5.4% and 764,000) and also less share and viewers than the theatrical broadcast of the movie Papillon just after (5.7% and 582,000).

TVE, therefore, has not managed to attract the audience and can even be blamed for being rash, but it has achieved what it wanted: prevent leaks. It has been the public channel that has been in charge of announcing the participants of the Benidorm Fest 2023, and it has also been done by one of the presenters of the festival, Inés Hernand, who due to scheduling issues cannot present the gala on Saturday. The repercussion, as can be seen in all the media this Wednesday, has been the same, and all of them quote (we quote) RTVE.

The example of Chanel and the launch of ‘TOKE’

Barely 24 hours before, we found a similar example that TVE had planned and communicated in advance. On October 14, at the presentation conference, the public channel set a date for the launch of TOKEthe second single from chanell and that it will be the official song of the Spanish soccer team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Its launch was scheduled for prime time this Monday, October 24, after the Newscast 2 and before the start of the gala Master Chef Celebrity. TVE even warned with a “fly” superimposed on its screen of that premiere. The location and the strategy paid off, since, as detailed by the consulting firm Barlovento Comunicación, it brought together an audience of 14.3% share and 1,684,000 viewers.

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