The tense reunion of Maril Montero and Jorge Javier

He interviewed her on Friday Deluxe


The journalist made it clear that she did not like some words that the presenter used to define Jess Hermida

Maril's tense reunion
Jorge Javier Vzquez and Maril Montero in Friday DeluxeMediaset

Marilyn Montero He was in deluxe friday on October 21 and starred in some tense moments with Jorge Javier Vzquez. The two discussed politics at the beginning of their interview and he shared, “I love running into her in the hallways because we always end up biting each other and I really like each other.” The guest added: “And we love each other more and more.” The Catalan laughed: “I like you very much. I don’t agree with anything of that you said”.

The host of the program uncovered that days before he had crossed paths in makeup with the new co-host of Everything is a lie and revealed that she was listening to the news from Antenna 3: “Yeah, well so you say the things you say!” The journalist justified herself: “Everything has an explanation and I have to say it. We have to work a little better on the possibility of seeing the news from Telecinco in networks. That is a problem”.

The interviewee reviewed her long career in the media and recalled her time with Jess Hermida. She had worked with him on My wayspace of RTVE released in the late 1980s.

“You lived through a very tough time on television,” he pointed out. George Xavierwho later explained what he meant: “There were fewer televisions and many more people watched you. I remember some interviews in which professionals spoke of television as if it were a sanctuary… It is a job like any other, but it was a very complicated time for you for the demand”.

Vzquez define as a Hermida: “To me, he was a genius, but I think he was also must be a tough person“. These words did not like Huntsman: “I don’t want to start by describing Jess Hermida with adjectives that could be associated with the fact that it was a displeasure to work with him”. The presenter clarified: “I have not spoken of displeasure”. She interrupted him to defend the one who had been her boss.

“He was a man who I knew very well what television waswho had the television concept very much in his head, who brought an American format and surrounded himself with women everywhere, who had very good judgment and made very good decisions,” he declared.

the driver of save me wanted to clarify: “If we did a video job, you see that the people who worked next to him I was in tension. I perfectly understand Hermida. He was a genius and he wanted everything to roll perfectly.”

The guest commented: “They were in tension with other directors and directors as well… I don’t like that the direction of Hermida it was scary.” Carmen Borrego agreed with his partner: “There are many people who have been afraid of Jessalthough you don’t… I say it because they have told it themselves”.

His past in Costa Rica

Marilyn Montero She was part of the jury of a beauty pageant in Costa Rica in 1987, which led her to stay in that country. “While there I met the director of Univision and asked me to work with them on television,” he said in deluxe friday. The program rescued his images from that time.

The presenter indicated that she accepted this offer when she was 19 years old and that her parents sent her the career books so that she could continue studying. In addition, she stressed that she was very famous in the country and that on several occasions had to get into the trunk of a car to avoid the photographers.

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