Tammam and the Saudi Tadawul Group hold a specialized lecture on investor relations

Yesterday, Wednesday, Rabi’ Al-Awwal 22, 1444 AH corresponding to October 19, 2022 AD, the Center for Communication and Financial Knowledge (Completed), in cooperation with the Saudi Tadawul Group, held a lecture entitled: “Investor Relations”, targeting students of Al-Faisal University, to expand their knowledge base with the needs and requirements of the financial markets.

The lecture, presented by the Head of Investor Relations at the Saudi Tadawul Group, Mr. Haitham Abdullah Al-Shathri, shed light on several main axes that began with an overview of investor relations, its concept, objectives and most important values, as well as a statement of the difference between it and public relations. The lecture also provided a summary of the tasks and roles of investor relations aimed at presenting A fair evaluation of the company’s strategy and business by potential and actual investors.

It is worth noting that this lecture comes as a continuation of the efforts made by (Tamtam) and the activities it holds to spread awareness and financial culture among the various groups and segments of society. Enhancing the economic and financial content, and raising awareness of economic issues at the local and international levels.

It is worth mentioning that the Communication and Financial Knowledge Center (Tammam) organized today a meeting entitled: “Developmental objectives for housing projects”, as part of a series of meetings held by the Center to spread financial and economic knowledge.

The meeting was attended by: Data and Decision Support Adviser at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Dr. Ali Al Jaber, Executive Vice President for Investment and Real Estate Development at the National Housing Company Marwan Zawawi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh and Chairman of the National Real Estate Committee of the Federation of Saudi Chambers Muhammad Al-Murshed. And the CEO of Business and Capital Markets in the Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company, Majeed Al-Abdul-Jabbar, and the media meeting was moderated by Muhammad Al-Muhya.

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The Center for Communication and Financial Knowledge (completed) is concerned with financial education and knowledge exchange in a way that contributes to raising financial awareness.

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A window to enrich knowledge, share information, enhance communication, and spread reliable financial awareness, through the use of innovative institutional communication tools to support partnerships, enhance the positive mental image of the financial sector, and implement initiatives and programs to enhance the financial culture in society.

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