“It was caught on time”

Kiko Rivera has suffered a ictus. The DJ entered the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville at dawn this Friday, October 21, and is currently under observation, as reported by his wife, Irene Rosalesafter spreading the status of her husband.

'Deluxe' forced the reunion of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja but she ran away

‘Deluxe’ forced the reunion of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja but she ran away

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So much the editorial office of the magazine Party like the magazine readings They had reported the situation of the son of Isabel Pantoja and Paquirri, and pointed out that the next few hours would be “determining” for the evolution of his state of health. On his side, Rosales spoke at noon before the Telecinco microphones to reassure him about the state. Although concerned, she has defined as “a little scare” the happened.

“He’s scared and nervous, but he’s fine”

“He’s fine, scared and nervous, but fine,” said Rosales, who was grateful that he “is strong and young.” “Everything has been caught on time, but it has to be controlled”.

Rosales has also explained that for the moment there will be no visits from other relatives and close friends: “I will only come so that he does not get nervous but everyone is talking and watching him”, he has pointed out, and has added that Rivera does not have your mobile phone precisely to insulate you from worries and distractions in your state.

I’m worried, but I’m not going to worry people anymore when, thank God, there is a solution.”, he added.

According to Ángela Portero “there is no neurological damage”

In fact, in line with these statements they reached it’s already noon the additional information from Ángela Portero, who stated that the state of health “is not so serious” and that “it seems that there is no neurological damage”.

In the magazine hosted by Joaquin Prat also offered totals of Cayetano Rivera, who stood before the cameras to add that his brother is “stable.” “He is very young and nobody expected this scare. The important thing is that now he has been left in a scare and we hope that he will evolve favorably, ”said the bullfighter.

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