‘The island of temptations 5’ uncovered Laura and Mario’s lie and suffered Barneda’s tears due to lack of love

The island of temptations 5 He has already made history with something unprecedented: expelling one of his partners so that another can enter. Those chosen to leave were Sara and Manu that, although surprised, they returned home hand in hand. While Ana and Cristian were accommodated as substitutes.

What happens to 'The debate of temptations': this is how the 'extra' gala of the Mediaset star brand dies in silence

What happens to ‘The debate of temptations’: this is how the ‘extra’ gala of the Mediaset star brand dies in silence

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But the most shocking part of the delivery was the confrontation bonfire starring Laura and Mariowhich began with a heartfelt hug and ended with him leaving “this fucking island” for information that she revealed.

All of this in one night Sandra Barneda also broke when seeing Samu cry for Tania: “We have all experienced this, we have all broken for love, nothing happens”assured the presenter.

The girls choose Sara to leave

The previous installment ended with the entry of a new couple and the decision in the air, of the girls to choose one of them to leave. So each of them argued for her choice:

“I think there is one She is not getting so carried away by the experience, I think Sara is not enjoying it” Claudia said. “Here you come to test a relationship and I think Sara will never get to do it,” added Laura.

Along the same line was Tania: “I think that Sara does not need this experience because she is sure of her relationship”. And Paola sentenced: “It is true that Sara has a very strong love and perhaps this is not the place to test her relationship.”

So the one chosen to leave was Sara: “I am calm because I know that if they could not choose they would not choose me. It is true that I would like to stay to continue seeing things but it is costing me. I’m glad I met you all. I am proud of my time on the island and I understand the decision because this is not my place anyway, ”she said as she said goodbye.

What gave way to Ana will sit in Sara’s place, after saying goodbye to Cristianher partner, with tears in her eyes and asking her to behave.

The boys’ bonfire with the “discovery” of Mario and the tranquility of Javi

The boys returned to the fire and sat across from Sandra Barneda for the third time. Andrew He was the first to see a smiling Paola with Vladi and asking for a date with him because she has something that her boyfriend doesn’t give her. “I was not amused by this, because she does not tell me at home,” she lamented through tears.

The next to see pictures was Javi, who was not bothered to see Claudia choosing Álvaro for a date. “I don’t see the prototype of him. You can connect with him and it hurts but I trust our relationship, ”she assured.

A ManuOn the other hand, they did not want to show him videos of Sara “for the sake of his experience.” So that Mario He was the fourth to suffer images: “Just what I didn’t want to see, I know he did it on purpose. I don’t want a girl like that by my side”, he raged when he saw Laura make out with her temptress. But there was more: she discovered that she had had a night of passion with Álvaro. “Our best moment and he cheats on me. If I know that, I’m not here. No one has laughed so much at me in life, ”she hallucinated.

the last one was Samu, who saw how he believed the connection between Hugo and Tania. She took a deep breath and tried to control her tears: “I see her very well, I think they will continue to do more, I see a lot of complicity,” she lamented. And he continued to see his girlfriend on the sofa with her tempter, caressing and massaging her butt: “She doesn’t remember me at any time. I don’t know if she’ll get to the point of slowing down.”

The end of Sara and Manuel with some reproaches

Everyone left the bonfire, except Manuel who was left alone. And suddenly Sara appeared to her surprise. They both kissed and she explained what happened: “A new couple has entered and one had to leave. The girls have chosen us to be. They feel we don’t need it and I haven’t had a connection with anybody,” she said.

While Manu confessed that the same thing had happened to him. Yet she wanted to know the reason he told a temptress that he “wanted” his mate but didn’t love her yet. He explained that he loves her very much but still feels that they are getting to know each other. Words that made the young woman cry, as she explained that she did love him.

Sara also wanted to understand the reason for not telling her that she had been unfaithful in other relationships: “I don’t care about your past, I care about what you do when you’re with me. I don’t like what I’ve seen, we’ll have time to talk.” To which he explained that he decided to “shut it up because he was afraid you wouldn’t like it. At that time I made mistakes but now I wouldn’t.”

Even so, she assured that she still felt that he is the man of her life. Something he agreed with. They kissed and went hand in hand.

The drama with Sandra Barneda, including

Sandra Barneda arrived at the boys’ villa to tell Mario that Laura wanted a confrontational bonfire, but first, she wanted to know how they had spent the night after the images. Listening to Samuel how he was afraid of losing Tania, the host couldn’t hold back her tears: “You’re dying of love for her and you’re holding on. But it’s super nice”, she tried to cheer him up, “We have all experienced this, we have all broken for love, nothing happens. You have to be brave and being brave is also knowing that you can break”.

Javi was added to the drama: “They are the women of our life and to think that we lose them breaks us. I see her and it is like seeing God. I don’t want to break because I don’t want him to see me as a child, but I can’t take it anymore.”

Finally, Mario also confessed to feeling very sorry but not being able to cry about it. So he would think about whether he would go see Laura or not.

The bonfire of confrontation with a suspicious contradiction

Laura sat down in front of Barneda and burst into tears: “I know he hurts me and I hurt him too. Maybe I don’t like him well”, he reflected. “I think what has hurt me most of all is that he did not say goodbye to me, more than the images. I wanted to look him in the eye and tell him that I love him,” she confessed.

When asked if she thought he would come: “I want to think so, I don’t want to lose him. But I feel ridiculous thinking that he doesn’t feel the same way about me.”, he explained to argue his attitude. And finally, although it seemed that not, Mario came.

Seeing her, he asked her for a hug and the two melted. As they sat down, she gave him her hand and he asked for an explanation: “If we really love and care about each other, why do we do this to each other? What has destroyed me has been Álvaro”, he assured. But she answered something that made him jump: “You already knew it. No matter what people think of you, you have also been with another”.

Then he flatly denied it: “Are you going to leave me as a liar who knew about Álvaro and that I’ve been with another? What you do to save your ass… This is crazy! It came with all the good intentions, but are you going to blame me again? As long as you continue in those I swear I’ll get up and get out of here “.

Laura, shocked, tried to calm him down but reaffirmed her story: “Haven’t you been with a girl? I can give you her name. He asked me… not to tell because he didn’t want people to think he’s a pushover.” At that moment Mario got up and left: “I’m leaving this fucking island and fuck it.”

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