Steisy’s boyfriend left ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ after she asked permission to have sex with Dani

Nightmare in Paradise lived this Wednesday a night of the most intense. The Telecinco reality show received four new contestants, suffered the abandonment of John Alfonso Milan and attended, a priori, the end of the relationship between Paul Pisa Y Steisy.

Sobera explained Gloria Camila's absence at the 'Nightmare in El Paraíso' gala: "He was not in the mood"

Sobera explained the absence of Gloria Camila at the ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ gala: “She was not in the mood”

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The boyfriend of the grenadine already warned that he was not liking the rapprochement between her and Danny Garcia inside the program. He even told them both to their faces on his recent visit to the farm, but apparently to no avail. Because since then, the sexual tension between the exviceversa and the ex of The island of temptations it’s escalated so much it’s over to fill Pablo’s patiencewho had to see how his partner and his former friend rubbed half-naked in the water, licked each other’s fingers while eating tomatoes and threatened each other with a kiss.

Something they were about to do, but didn’t do to Steisy’s regret. “I have no more balls than to follow Pablo’s promise, but I see Pablo’s promise as bullshit,” said the contestant, aware that her partner had asked her not to cross certain limits. Even so, the former participant of survivors She acknowledged that every day she gets up and goes to bed “horny” thinking about Dani. And for this reason, she did not hesitate to launch the following request to Pablo: “Honey, if you would give me permission to have a kiki with Dani… A kiki, without feelings. What does it matter to you that I stop eating chickpeas and eat beans one day? What else gives you?

“I know how to differentiate sex from love,” added Steisy, who said he loved Pablo “madly”, but that holding back with Dani would mean “ceasing to be me in order to keep a person I love.” A person, Pablo, who got so angry with his words that he ended up leaving the set. “I’m not going to do this circus, I’m going home”, he said at first. “If you can, tell him to fuck if he wants. Let him do what he pleases. I’m already out. Let him do whatever the hell comes out of him, ”she said later to make her discomfort with Steisy even clearer.

The contestant ended up finding out what happened, and collapsing for it. “What’s going on? My God, I’m dead. He knows that I am horny, crazy, that I only have a stable relationship with him because I love him. I’m sorry for being like this,” she commented completely despondent. In fact, Lara Álvarez tried to calm and comfort her, but Steisy did not stop crying, fearing that her relationship with Pablo had come to an end. Something that, for now, is a real possibility. “He has made the decision to think about him, take a few days and decide whether to continue with Patri or not,” he said. Nagore Oaks after speaking with Pablo, with him already outside the Mediaset facilities.

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