Mediaset is preparing its next reality show for January, which will be with celebrities and in doubt for ‘Secret Story’ or… ‘GH VIP’!

While trying to refloat Nightmare in Paradise with the entry of new contestants, Mediaset He’s already thinking about his next reality show. A priori, the last one before Paolo Vasile, one of the great supporters of the reality television genre, ends his stage as CEO of the group after 23 years.

The doctors determine that Carlota Prado is in a position to testify in the trial for abuse of José María López

The doctors determine that Carlota Prado is in a position to testify in the trial for abuse of José María López

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As reported bluperMediaset has requested the production company Zeppelin to mobilize the team that usually deals with the realities made in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra to start preparing a new edition of a reality show with celebrities, which would be broadcast from January. For now it is unknown under what brand, although the options go through the return of Secret Story or the return of GH VIPaccording to the aforementioned medium.

On paper, the option to recover Secret Story appears more feasible. At the end of the day, we are talking about a header that has issued two editions -one with famous people and another with anonymous people- in just one year. Instead, the last of GH VIP It dates back to the end of 2019, when the format ended its seventh season between a well-known leak of advertisers and the request, by the Prosecutor’s Office, for a sentence of two and a half years in prison for José María López, a contestant on big brother revolution (2017), for an alleged crime of sexual abuse inside the house to the also contestant Charlotte Prado.

Since then, GH VIP has remained “in Barbecho”how he came to sum up his situation Manuel Villanueva, Content Director of Mediaset Spain, in the summer of 2020. Just a few months later, in November of that year, the manager surprised by announcing the return of GH for 2021. Something that Telecinco also made official for the 2021/2022 academic year , although it finally had to go back, delay its production and instead launch Secret Story, a very similar format, but which did not give the expected result. Above all, its edition with anonymous, which notoriously stumbled in hearings at the beginning of this year.

All this, while the judicial process against José María López has remained open. The trial will be held on November 3 and 8. after the hearing was suspended last February at the request of the prosecution’s lawyers, who did not appear alleging psychiatric problems. Now, Carlota Prado would be in a position to face the process, according to the forensic doctors’ report.

The development of the trial will be key for Mediaset to choose to broadcast one reality show or another. The group’s wish, given what has already been mentioned and the current situation of Telecinco, is to recover GH as soon as possible. But against this play a couple of factors. The first is the possibility that the reputation of the format and that of Mediaset will be more damaged depending on the conviction of José María López, and also of the production company Zeppelin, which, unlike the television group, is part of the trial, since it appears as “responsible civil subsidiary of the cause”. And the second, a possible delay in the judicial process, since the prosecution intends to invalidate the current one and start a new one, which would make it even more difficult to issue VIP Big Brother and would therefore facilitate the return of Secret Story.

The accusation intends to initiate a new investigation

As we already told, the prosecutor requests a sentence of two years and six months in prison for the accused, who claims compensation of 6,000 euros for moral damages caused to the victim. The same amount as the producer of the program, ZeppelinTVfor the damages caused by showing the contestant the video of what happened in the confessional of the house, which was made public in 2019. These are different figures from those requested by the defense of the young woman, who requests a sentence of seven years, and compensation of 100,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage to both the defendant and the producer.

Carlota Prado’s lawyer, however, considers that the trial is suffering from an error in the instruction and according to the aforementioned source, intends to invalidate the process and start a new one, raising the crime of sexual abuse to rape with penetration. “Here a sexual abuse without penetration is being judged due to a procedural error in the instruction. There are serious indications, due to the recorded images, that there is penetration, ”said the lawyer last February at the gates of the court.

Of change instructionthe sentence for José María López would rise to between 4 and 10 years in prison, instead of the two and a half years currently requested by the Prosecutor’s Office. Likewise, the compensation would have to be reviewed, which would be assumed by the Zeppelin production company as a subsidiary responsible (as explained in its statement) in the event that the defendant declared himself insolvent. But it would also inhibit the Criminal Court, which has no jurisdiction to judge this type of case. This would make the judicial process took much longerand can even be delayed for years.

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