Dwayne Johnson explains in El Hormiguero what happens when he slaps someone

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The interpreter presented Black Adam, a film based on the DC character and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

Dwayne Johnson explains in El Hormiguero that
Dwayne Johnson in The Anthill.Atresmedia

Dwayne Johnson I gave an interview to the anthill on Wednesday, October 19. the present actor Black Adam and told some curiosities of the shooting of the film, directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra.

The interpreter revealed that, if he has to hit someone during a sequence, he has found a way to compensate that person. “When I accidentally slap someone, I give him a Rolex or I ask him what he likes to get it for him”, he revealed.

In addition, the star related how he has physically prepared for the role. “I wanted to give it my all and be in the best physical shape of my life,” she said, assuring that he has trained for two years ahead of the film. “I make 20 minutes of cardio to get my heart rate up to 120, and then later I do strength training. That’s why I say I train twice a day, not that I do strength training twice a day,” he added.

diet is the worstThe hardest part is having to eat the right thing at all times and be very disciplined. I love to eat, I have one day a week where I cheat and I can eat whatever I want,” he said.

This is Black Adam

Johnson gave some details about Black Adam, which will hit Spanish cinemas on October 21. “It’s very different from anything I’ve played in the past. It has all the powers of Supermanbut Superman never kills bad guys, and Black Adam, if you hurt his family, kill the bad guys“, he exposed.

“The idea was to create a character that was like dirty Harry. The director wanted to create a character that you can agree with or disagree with his philosophy, but everyone understands what’s going to happen if you hurt his family.”

The artist also confessed that since he was a child he felt identified with Black Adam. “What I loved about Black Adam when I saw the comic is that he was a very intense person. At the same time, I have brown skinand I thought ‘that could be me,'” he admitted.

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