Cuatro cancels at the last minute the night change of ‘En el punto de mira’ and relieves Diego Losada with Liam Neeson

The new one General Audiovisual Communication Law (LGCA) continues to shorten the time in which programming decisions are made on the networks, without giving viewers too much room for manoeuvre. Four provides a new example, which concerns Diego Losada Already Liam Neeson.

What has happened to multiply the changes in TV programming

What has happened to multiply the changes in TV programming

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The chain had announced at the beginning of this week that its renewed In the spotlight left Friday night to relocate to Wednesday night with immediate effect; that is, from this same October 19. In this way, an unprecedented confrontation between current affairs programs was anticipated, with The objective of Ana Pastor at the same time in the sixth, within a night dominated by Joaquin. The noob on Antenna 3.

Nevertheless, a little more than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the broadcast, Mediaset communicates an alteration to these plans: will finally be the movie White Hell the one that occupies the prime time on Wednesday. The feature film, directed by Joe Carnahan, had been announced for days without a specific date, as part of the special monograph on the Irish actor in Cuatro’s October program (a monograph that included The passenger, offered on Saturday 15; and others like The protector).

The change, as we say, was communicated by Mediaset minutes before 4:00 p.m. this Tuesday 18. It was then that it launched its updated programming grids for all its channels. This document corrects the information in both the programming guide accessible from the Cuatro website and the microsite of the format in particular, the presence of the latter continued to appear in Wednesday’s prime time.

However, at 5:45 p.m., neither the microsite of In the spotlight neither the four online guide have been updated.

‘In the spotlight’ renewed its formula three weeks ago

A) Yes, Liam Neeson will be the one who is “in the spotlight” of the night instead of Diego Losada, who recently made his debut as presenter of the Unicorn space. This, predictably, will remain in its usual slot, in the absence of definitive confirmation from the communication group.

The new stage of the program, now live and with the Galician at the controls, began on September 30, without being noticed in the quantitative records, with a 3.9% share and 467,000 viewers. The data has hardly changed in the following two weeks: 3.8% and 414,000 (Friday 7) and 3.7% and 408,000 (Friday 14).

The margin to counterprogram the new law

This is added to the long list of examples of the new television map that has been drawn since the entry into force in July of the LGCA, which updated the Spanish legal framework to adapt it to the European scene and also to the new scenario of the streaming.

Among the most relevant modifications of this legal text, the one that alludes to the modification of the grids from one day to the next stands out, a practice popularly known as “counterprogramming”. The previous regulations required “knowing the television programming sufficiently in advance, which in no case will be less than 3 days” in general and with exceptions motivated, for example, by unexpected events of informative interest.

The new law does not include this point. This derives from the fact that the channels no longer have the obligation to share their definitive programming three days in advance, thus using an approximate version, as they continue to do, open to last-minute modifications. What is an advantage for the operators is in return a detriment for the viewer, who now runs a greater risk of missing the content that he intended to consume.

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