Nuria Marn’s criticism of Pilar Rubio for what she said in La Resistencia

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The collaborator of El Hormiguero made some controversial statements about the teachers

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Nuria Marn and Pilar Rubio.Mediaset / Movistar+

pillar blonde visit The resistance in the delivery issued the morning of October 11 to 12. The presenter made some controversial statements about the teachers to whom Nuria Marn don’t hesitate to answer.

The collaborator of the anthill She talked about the numerous meetings she had with her children’s teachers. “This Thursday I have six meetings with teachers. I have four children, but they also have other activities. If the course has just started, what do you want to tell me? Wait for a test or something. What are we doing meeting up now? Do you know what happens? What is a day off for teachers“, he exposed.

Following these words, Marn replied in Socialite on October 15. “It sends noses that she talks about days off precisely she. Shall we start talking about the days off that Pilar Rubio has at her job? “, Solt.

Education is a joint effort between teachers and parents, not just teachers. Let some celebrities apply it to the example they give their children,” added the host of the format.

Twitter reactions

Nura Marn is not the only one who has charged Pilar Rubio for her statements, since numerous users of Twitter They have also criticized the presenter for her words. “Mothers like Pilar Rubio are the reason why teachers’ vacations have always seemed few to me,” said an Internet user.

How lazy Pilar Rubio thinking that the meeting with the teachers at the beginning of the course is useless and saying that these are days off for the teachers when they are literally working and trying to know things about your children and inform you of things for their good, “said another user.

“Words like the ones Pilar Rubio said in The resistance about tutors with parents They underestimate us teachers a lot. The day that education is respected a little, we will admire teachers and professors more and people like her less,” reads another publication. “It amuses me above all that it is Pilar Rubio who comes to complain about the days off of teachers. She is firecracker, go, “said another tweeter.

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