RockFM’s ‘El Pirata’ recovers after suffering a heart attack live

Juan Pablo Orduñezbetter known as ‘The pirate’suffered this Tuesday, October 11, a heart attack during the live broadcast of his morning show The Pirate and his gang from the central studios of Rock FM in Madrid, explains the station in a statement sent this Friday the 14th.

Chenoa premieres program on Europa FM with Joaquín Reyes, Valeria Ros, Resines and more collaborators

Chenoa premieres program on Europa FM with Joaquín Reyes, Valeria Ros, Resines and more collaborators

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The chain reassures its followers by explaining that the announcer he is stable and out of danger, and is already working on his recovery to drive RockFM mornings again. In fact, they anticipate that during her recovery process, and progressively, she will continue to participate in the program.

The station also adds that “the prompt reaction of all colleagues in the program and the work of the emergency teams in Madrid They made it possible for this incident to have a happy ending.”

Next Monday, October 17, starting at 08:30 a.m., the team at The Pirate and his gang will inform listeners about what happened in detail and update the last hour of El Pirata’s health status live.

The most representative voice of rock on Spanish radio

Born in 1956, El Pirata discovered rock at a very young age, and that was a crush at first sight. “I discovered rock and the shock was… It was important. What happens is that my parents, who had a modest culture, had intuition, valued talent even if they didn’t understand the codes. One day, two or three million years ago, my mother and I were in front of the TV and they put on some images of Jimi Hendrix in Monterrey. And she told me: ‘That man is a genius, isn’t he? I already realize ‘”, he told in an interview with El Mundo last summer.

RockFM’s flagship announcer learned the trade from another great Spanish rock legend, Vicente “Mariskal” Romero. The work of both would mark, forever, the history of national music.

Since he began his career in 1971, El Pirata has not only presented countless songs, but has also interviewed the greatest myths in rock history, from AC/DC to Ringo Starr, including Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Lemmy (Motorhead), Slash, Bon Jovi…

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