The Anthill | Miguel Ángel Revilla and the theory of the underpants and the booing of Sánchez

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Let’s see who is able to calculate how many times he has been Miguel Angel Revilla in the anthill. Impossible. Neither he knows it, nor in El Hormiguero they know it. He said last night that he thinks 28 or 29 times. Sailor fabric. miguel angel revilla is a fixed already the anthill. So fixed that next January 23, which is his 80th birthday, she already has a plan. The guest who has a gold cup, a gold chair and, the only one who has exclusive promotional minutes every time he goes, made a request and, of course, Paul Motorcycles he granted it: he wants to be on his birthday with his wife, Aurora, in the anthill. Whatever you wish.

And yes, today again, there will be criticism of that again Miguel Angel Revilla in the anthillthat once again with his things, that once again giving left and right… But it is that on Hispanic Heritage Day, on the day of the parade of the Armed Forces, on the day of the huddles, of the kissing each other and others with some, the politician who sat on the most watched program on television -surely last night with him again-, and the only one who goes without a mask and who tells what happened, without further ado , without self-censorship, it is him, it is Miguel Angel Revilla.


But with the issue of huddles and the environment, as with the future of Pedro Sanchezof the ukrainian warof Vladimir Putin, of the autonomic elections, of the taxes and of what they put on it. he told her Revilla a Paul Motorcycles that when people see him on the street they identify him with the anthill and reproaches him for Paul Motorcycles doesn’t let him speak. I believe that Revilla let that Paul Motorcycles I asked him four or five questions during the hour that the interview lasted. Neither ants, nor science, nor anything at all, when Revilla goes to the anthill, the anthill it paralyzes.

Revilla, the promised princess of El Hormiguero

Taking advantage of the fact that the Pisuerga passes through Valladolid. In other words, you have one of the parade attendees and, on top of that, one who doesn’t keep quiet about anything, because what was going to be the first of those four questions. Obviously, what has happened that has not been seen on television. Apparently to Revilla, who loves going to the parade because “I consider myself very Spanish and I did the military and became a sergeant” – he did not reach ensign due to a height issue -, he is not very one of the cliques. because “they are all pretend”. According to what he said, they always tell them that they have to be there at 10:30, but he arrives at 10:55 because he doesn’t want, speaking in silver, the previous ‘mob’. He arrives at minus five, greets politely and courteously, and leaves with the president of Asturias, Adrian Barbonwith which it is “twinned”.

Enjoy the parade and then go to kiss hands at the Royal Palace and pa’ House. And it was precisely in the besamanos where Miguel Angel Revilla has been the protagonist. According to the president of Cantabria, the King has said a few words to him and everyone has thought that he was recriminating the words that Revilla He has addressed his father in recent months. Well no. “In life he has done it. And he is very intelligent to know that he cannot tell me anything because it is my freedom of expression. And he knows that I do not mess with his father but with a head of state who did not comply and evaded taxes.”

And then what did the King tell him? The same if it is another politician who is sitting in the anthill the answer would have been silence or evasion or victory, but with RevillaNo. Revilla to Pablo Motos he gives even his heart: “The slogan in the kissing is ‘don’t stop to tell him what a long beard you have left’ because there are many of us. I had already greeted him first downstairs. He asked me if something happened to me . ‘I see you much thinner than the last time,’ he told me. And I replied that nothing was wrong with me. He must have looked worse than the last time. Mystery solved.

Again, taking advantage of the fact that the Pisuerga passes through Valladolid, Revilla tells the anecdote and at the same time gives him a slap, again, to the king emeritus. But the parade was still the subject of interest. The second question of Paul Motorcycles: “About booing… I’ve heard three versions. One is that it’s an act of freedom, another that it’s a gesture of bad taste and also that it’s a tradition. What do you think?”

Well, if with the King he does not mince words with the booing, much less. Every year, the boos to the president in the parade are a fixed thing, like the ram of the Legion. “A classic,” he said Revilla. “The people who go are the pure essence of the Spanish flag. And the flats behind it are seen that they are not officially protected… I have even heard a phrase that Revilla said, do not bring anchovies to that one. Those terraces are full of people who wear underpants with the flag of Spain and do not forgive that he is governing with the Catalans and with Bildu. Shoemaker they blew it very hard. But I don’t remember when he was ruled Aznar Y Rajoy they will be whistled”. Well, that said.

“Son of a bitch…”, he added softly. Paul Motorcycles. “That was the chorus, but I don’t say it in children’s hours.” She has already said enough. And another butterfly thing, but the thing that Revilla wants because, although Paul Motorcyclesalways try by all means to carry a structure and a script, with Revilla it is impossible. He touched on the subject of taxes, but Revilla goes off on a tangent. Paul Motorcycles he tries, cross-examines, insists again, but here it is Revilla the one with the singing voice. That we have to talk about taxes, regional elections, that politicians are approaching the date and they go crazy, of course. Revilla He says it and doesn’t cut even half a hair, like with nothing. That he can like more or less what he says, to taste the colors. That can seem like a bore… When you are day in and day out in all the programs, the strange thing would be that he was not described as heavy. With that already account. But what about being in all the programs?

“I told my university students that the fundamental thing in a country is market unity. What cannot be tolerated in a country is that some charge one amount and others another. I have not yet lowered taxes, but people of less than 30,000 euros if we are going to do it”. Man, please, we are almost in an election year!

“If there were no regional elections in May, would you have lowered taxes?” he asked. Paul Motorcycles. And the bellows came. “No. Now there is a period when people go to the mountains to listen to the bellowing. The deer go into heat. And the politicians go into bellowing when there are elections, including me.” Yes, heavy, but sincere as Revilla Few of us will meet. Now do you understand why she has been 28 or 29 times to the anthill? That, and the audiences, of course. People say they’re tired of seeing Revilla day in and day out, but he goes to El Hormiguero and marks an audience that… what a fabric. A 17.4% audience share!

Revilla, “stronger than Ortega Cano’s semen”

He says that until he passes the medical check-up on the 17th, he does not know if he is going to stand for regional elections next May. He says it to put a bit of intrigue because he himself is the one who at the same time ensures that who better than him to introduce himself. He is going to be 80 years old and he is “stronger than Ortega Cano’s semen.” who better than Revilla to continue selling their land? But if every time he goes to El Hormiguero he brings a list of more than 200 requests for promotion. Last night they played the sobaos, San Tiburcio, a school, a choir… Whether he shows up or someone else shows up, Revilla will continue to go to the anthill until the end of his days.

And he will continue to make headlines and will continue to blurt out everything that comes into his head. It is a quid pro quo. Paul Motorcycles he lets him talk about whatever he wants, he lets him promote, he gives him free minutes, he paralyzes the anthill… And, in return, Revilla He gives him an audience and releases his truth.

as with the war in ukraine. She already messed it up a few months ago with some words about the war that were not liked at all. Well, last night, although more restrained, although more powerful with Putin He said the same thing again, that you have to negotiate with “this dictator” because if you have to hit the nuclear bomb button, he’s going to do it.

“The way the world is set up, wars are part of the system as essential. Everything we see here has an expiration date. Everything has a cycle. The most important industry on the planet, which is the arms industry, imagine if there are no wars. They need a place where there are not many dead but a lot of ammunition falls (…) This war is paid by two, paid by Ukraine that they are going to leave it laminated in that part. And the other, Europe. USA has returned to being the hen that takes care of the chicks. And do you know who is going to sell us the weapons? It had to be said.” Well, once again, it remains said.

“Once the arms companies are happy, you have to start negotiating, because this leads to a catastrophe. Wars do not bring anything good. And something will have to be given in this because Putin he has the atomic bomb and he drops it”. And, now, with fear in the body, to Revilla we will see you again in the anthill next January 23. As you wish…

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